Inspiring Colors of Slovak Summer Twenty Eleven

Hiya SCG,

today I have decided to share with you snaps, which I was inspired to take few moments ago. After pretty rainy days I grabbed a chance and took some picture of the closest surrounding of #IS’s headquarters;-) None of it (except pictures) is my work -> my hat tips go to my parents and bro Tom for years of sweat put into grooming of our garden. Enjoy! [Read more…]

Waqas Ali: “How #IS Turned a Total Stranger Into a Friend”

Hello SCG, greetings from Pakistan!

You must be wondering what is Ivana Waqas doing here. Let me tell you.. As we all know #IS is about life, inspiration and real life experiences, so today I am invited to share with you my story. The story how I connected with Ivana and each one of you and how it has impacted me thousands of miles far away from Slovakia. [Read more…]

About Creating Impact or Stuff I Shipped When I Was Not Here

Hello SCG

thank you for your patience and bearing with silence on #IS for last 2 weeks or so. I would like to share with you all news and updates, which kept me on my toes since last shipment on 16th June. I must tell you, it has been unbelievable 2 weeks. Curious? Let’s go, then. [Read more…]

Believe me -> Linchpins Are Everywhere!

Hello SCG,

I trust you will enjoy report from one and only Linchpin Meet Up in Slovakia, which took place on 18th May 2011 in my home-town Poprad. I have to confess, that I have been deeply touched by Linchpins, which I have met last Wednesday. If I have been “high” after Linchpin meet up last year -> in 2011 I had to take few days to calm down, reflect & digest -> yeap, it had such a huge impact on me.  Why so? What did blow my mind that much? Find out, bellow. [Read more…]

12th Lesson from NGLS#2: “Slovakia Has Got Talent!”

Hey SCG,

how did your week went by? Mine was pretty hectic filled with face to face meetings with inspiring #NGLS-ers and those meetings “forced” me to add one more lesson from NGLS #2 Conference.

12th Lesson is: [Read more…]

11 Lessons from NGLS #2 Conference

Hiya SCG,

How are you doing? I missed you a lot I must admit! It is just 3 days since 2nd NGLS Conference, which was another dream come true experience. I am still recovering from very positive emotional exhaustion. It all felt like a movie. I have tears of gratitude in my eyes even now, when typing this shipment…Oh, my… Thank you all who made NGLS reality. Thank ya’ll! Folks, I would like to share with you 11 lessons, which NGLS #2 taught me:

[Read more…]

Shout Out for Do-ers from Slovakia. Join us in 8 days!

Hiya SCG-ers,

I believe you will forgive me “PR-ry” like shipment for today. The reason for this unusual content is that, 2nd NGLS Conference is literally knocking on the door and I believe that there are still some ears out there who might miss, what a great event we are cooking for Slovakia; see full Agenda.

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About One 1095 Days Long Transformative Journey

Hiya SCG,

I trust you will spare few minutes to stop yourself  in Christmas presents hunt to read this shipment. It will not be wrap-up of 2010 on #IS, nor list of New Year’s resolutions, nor a Christmas e-card. It will be a story, true story about 3 years long journey of surrendering to the pull of the heart’s calling. Step in!

[Read more…]

NGLS Is Having Its New Home 2.0 –

Hiya SCG,

I wanted to share with you a joy of making another shipment reality. Thanks to great support of the coolest company I know in Slovakia – Websupport. #NGLS (Next Generation Leaders of Slovakia) is having its new home – Rest is said there.

[Read more…]

(Y)our Mediocre Work Affects Whole Country or Why Slovakia Needs to Wake Up Before It Is Too Late

Hiya SCG,

you might have noticed pretty modest amount of my shipping and insights this week. It was caused by very intensive 3 days, which moved me and transformed me again. I will not go into details much, as I am still digesting lessons learned from it and how it has affected me. But briefly, I have turned down assignment and have given up couple of thousands Euro of income for next month, because I could not risk my name and credibility to deliver work, which is not top-notch. (requirement was to do it “just like that”…) [Read more…]

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