About Creating Impact or Stuff I Shipped When I Was Not Here

Hello SCG

thank you for your patience and bearing with silence on #IS for last 2 weeks or so. I would like to share with you all news and updates, which kept me on my toes since last shipment on 16th June. I must tell you, it has been unbelievable 2 weeks. Curious? Let’s go, then. [Read more…]

About Beauty of Crowdsourcing => Meet #IS Designers

Hello SCG!

6 days ago I was seeking for help with visual re-make of our dear blog #IS. Honestly, I was a bit “afraid” if any people at all will apply, but I took the leap of faith anyhow and I have exposed myself to the world. And as the saying goes -> “Leap and net will appear” was totally true in this case again. This shipment is another demonstration of our cognitive surplus, power of social media and crowdsourcing opportunities. Yay! [Read more…]

Why Living “Up In the Cloud” Is So Convenient?

Hey SCG,

no worries, I have not mistaken title of this blog with George Clooney’s movie “Up In the Air” nor with Bryan Adam’s song Cloud no. 9. So, what do I mean by “up in the cloud”, then? In this shipment I would like to give you intro into, why I love cloud computing platforms and how they can make your lives easier, too

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Super Cool coincidence with Supercool School!

Hi Super Cool Gang,

welcome to second half of 2010! 😉

Just one week after my workshop On School 2.0 in the best Slovak High School and success of the slide deck on Slideshare after RT  by Don Tapscott himself. I would like to share with you super cool project, which I have been referred to by my friend Lee Provoost.

Supercool School 😉

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[Video]Discovering Filip + Afterword On School 2.0 Workshop

Hey SCG,

Yesterday (24th June) was another legendary day of my life’s journey.  The day started by  driving 120km to the best high school in Slovakia to give away my 3rd gift to Slovakia: workshop about School 2.0

During a workshop I have been astonished and deeply moved by brightness, sincerity and courage of this  young man: 14 years old Filip from town Ružomberok.

Yes, I live  for moments like thiswhen my heart misses a beat, because of one’s purity and visionary thinking. And I am strong believer, that even one person can make a difference. Filip is making a difference!

Let me share with you Filip’s opinions and proposals for upgrading his school experience. [Read more…]

Question Of The Week #18

Hey SCG!

I am so excited, that Question Of The Week series is gaining its momentum and we have intensive interactions in comments. THANK YOU! That is the way to go: engaging, learning and GROWING TOGETHER! 😉 18th #QOW is:

How would it affect you, if your social networks (FB & Twitter) would disappeared tomorrow?

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[Video] In Bratislava: 2x delivered shipment “On Networking2.0”

Hi guys,

greetings from capital city of Slovakia. Yesterday I have delivered “shipment” to Slovak students and other job seekers on the national job fair, called National Career Days.

2 sessions, one hour each were pretty exhausting, but it was super cool experience. (Gosh, I can talk for one hour nonstop…I didn’t know that I am capable of that till now…I am just wondering what else is possible?)

Let me share with you short video, which have been taken right after finishing my shipping.



P.S.:  I have uploaded this video on youtube for now, as I could not convert it to proper format and put it on my viddler account. I will be back on viddler again, this youtube upload was just an emergency solution, in order to keep my delivery time for shippment;-)

[Video] How To Say Thank You2.0

Hiya guys!

So, how to manifest thank you2.0? Just, watch my today’s “shipment”  for you.

Let us be grateful for each others’ art and let us connect via @,RTs, mentions, links, comments on blogs>>>so we can enhance our circles of like minded people.




[Video] Are You Polite2.0?

Hey guys,

I was having urge to compose blog post on social media manners and etiquette for couple of months.

So, here are my thoughts on how you can enhance your experience when connecting with “strangers” =>who I consider as friends which I have not met yet.

Stay super cool!



[Video] Taking your passion further

Two days before Christmas I have received following message on Facebook:

Watch the lessons learned from the Skype chat we have had.

Here is little help with spreading the word for my friend:

Ismail’s super cool pics can be viewed on his Flickr account and you can join his Fan Page on Facebook.

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