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Hi, I am Ivana Sendecka > change manager, founder and strategist. I was blessed with international professional and unconventional life experiences, which enabled me to connect the dots and made me who I am.

I worked in management consulting, private banking and coached high performing individuals.

I founded an award winning leadership development programme for developing emerging leaders.

I took my passion for technological innovation to another level by pursuing M.Sc. degree in Healthcare Analytics and AI – new course launched as part of the UK’s National AI Strategy.

I was selected as one of 40 under 40 European Young Leaders. I made it to the New Europe 100 list – a list of outstanding challengers from Central and Eastern Europe.

I work with decision makers, who are keen to innovate and bring change to their customers and people. 

My leadership activities were recognized by world experts on leadership when Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner wrote about my story in the epilogue of their book:  The Truth About Leadership.  I learned a lot from personal meetings with the world‘s top thinkers.

I have given keynote speeches at numerous conferences in Slovakia (e.g. at the Trend conference – the biggest annual HR Conference in Slovakia, at national conference  AIESEC, at National Career DaysTEDx Nitra about: (R) Evolution which starts in the heart). I also spoke as opinion leader and expert internationally (e.g. in Manchester – Start Up Weekend 2013, Brussels – 40 Under 40 Meeting of 2014 batch, Strasbourg – World Forum for Democracy 2014, Prague – Role of Central Europe in EU in next 25 years and in Dubai at a Webpreneur University event).

Prestigious Slovak business magazine Profit featured some of my opinions on community building, digital strategy and emerging leaders.

I tweet occasionally as @IvanaSendecka.

I do not use Facebok anymore.

Let’s start a conversation by contacting me via email.


Ivana Sendecka

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