:: Must See Videos

I have dismissed TV from my life long time ago and replaced it by videos on Youtube, Vimeo or TED. There are “tons” of videos out there and some of them are truly life changing  “Must Sees”. I am sharing with you few, which “hit me” the most in the beginning of my journey. Enjoy!

[Attention, please] Must See videos are continued! Follow hand picked videos by Inspring Shipments at #IS’s Tumblr blog before at  Posterous blog. Stay inspired. Spread the word.


Ladies and gentlemen, Nick Vujicic. GET UP and LIVE.


Paul Potts or when I cried watching youtube for the first time.


Stunning Steve Jobs, spare 15 mins for his gift to you.


Srikumar Rao – author of the book, which transformed my life.


Randy Pausch forever. Video watched by 10 million plus viewers. Haven’t you seen it, yet?


Gary Vee’s video made me shout “BINGO”, when I was still having my cubicle life in May 2009. Two months later I have been living my passion. Thank you Gary!



  1. Hi Ivana,

    More must watch videos for your collection: http://www.inspiredspeeches.com/. A growing collection of inspiring speeches from theater, politics and beyond.

    Feel free to suggest more and I will credit you.

    Love what you’re doing on tumblr about to jump in to the rest of your sharaphanalia (just made that up). I will proselytize you.

    Saludos from Colombia via Ireland and NYC – JoC

  2. Korea’s Got Talent had some tear jerker videos – homeless boys with great voices and stuff like that.

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