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I believe that RSS reading is good for you and essential for your learning journey.It is huge source of information, inspiration and it can completely replace watching TV or reading newspapers.

Let me share with you my heart’s  and soul’s favorite blogs, blogs which I read among first when I have 1000+ unread RSS feeds clog in my Google ReaderBloglines, Feedly.

Here is what I like to read on my Feedly:

[Updated on 5th March 2014]

  • Rands – one of the most interesting blog on managing engineers, on life and technology with nice geeky bits too.
  • Tim Harford – interested in economics? Tim, will talk ‘human’ language and will help you to grasp concepts you were afraid to understand.
  • Oliver Burkeman – funny, full of resources and insights on life, acceptance, human behaviour and patterns of our minds.
  • Feld Thougths – the Boulder guy. Start ups, personal development, life, books and more.
  • Steven Pressfield – on how to do great work when resistance is shouting in your head not to bother.
  • Colossal – design, music, street art – simply everything nice and different.
  • Derek Sivers – great stories, great writing, great impact, tons of comments of Derek’s loyal readers.


[ Updated on 24th March 2012]


[Update on 6th January 2011] Additional “must-follow blogs” are:

Note in March 2014: I have left quite a few of the blogs bellow by now, but again, their content served me well on my journey. Thanks.


 My original blogs I used to follow among first. I am not following few of them anymore, but I am grateful they got me started in 2008/2009/2010.

There are many more blogs which I am following on different topics. Shoot me email at ivana (at) ivanasendecka (dot) com and ask about further blog tips from the area you are hooked up to.  (f.e.:  on leadership, technology, social media, non-profit organizations, design, spirituality, fun, culture etc.)



  1. What should I do to get on the list? 😉 But you have the similar choice as I do: many of them are in my reader too. Do you recommend any slovak bloggers too? (a suggestion for a future post maybe? 😉

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      ;-)Brano, I am glad we are alike in RSS feeds as well;=)
      Will add Slovak bloggers to follow, too;-) Soon.
      And thanks for 1st comment in our “super cool” community;-)

  2. Thank you, my fellow life-long learner friend. I’m looking forward to the day I get to see you face-to-face. Love all this technology; really like it when the tech leads to shared experiences in person. 2010 is still the year.

  3. Hey Ivana

    I like your range and focus.

    I only knew about 1/2 the blogs so I took a quick tour and I think the common denominator is … “blogs that make you think” … and I like that.

    Thanks for being my perfect prompt for an intellectual expedition.

  4. Hi Ivana,

    I’m honored to be on the list with such amazing ‘shippers’ of inspiration and knowledge. I’m humbled and motivated.

    Thank you for being an amazing catalyst for positive change.


  5. Oh Ivana…you’ve gone and made me feel all warm and fuzzy! 🙂 Thanks for including me on your wonderful list…YOU, my friend, are an amazing force of light…and I am honored to share space with you!


  6. thank you i was looking exactly for the list of inspiring blogs. i am not surprised that i found it here 🙂

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