[Update from 13 Dec 2010]

NGLS is having its brand new online home.

Yay! Check out www.ngls.sk

:: What is NGLS about?

NGLS is a movement for emerging leaders in Slovakia. NGLS inspires self-transformation to develop leaders for a better Slovakia.

:: Why NGLS?

My intentions to found NGLS where encouraged by trying to get answers to my questions:

  • What can be improved in my mother land in order to make it attractive for own citizens, visitors and most importantly for its next generations?
  • How can I share what I have learned in the foreign land?
  • Is there a way how to get together like minded people, who care about tomorrow and are willing to take stride to their hands and lead?
  • How come country with so many talented people is “shy” to express its potential to the fuliest?

After one and half year spent in Slovakia (after my comeback from Dubai), “coincidences” and Facebook  brought me to the author and executive coach Ron Carucci. Few conversations were enough for idea to be born;-)

:: NGLS dream came true on 6&7th November 2009.

Venue, date and speakers for #1 NGLS EVENT are confirmed. We are grateful that NGLS #1 event could be part of the Slovak national AIESEC conference “Highway.” Check out the NGLS story slide-deck.

NGLS story videos (part ONE and part TWO) from final keynote speech are covering NGLS story. It brought tears into eyes of many, including me.NGLS was worth to fight for. THANK YOU, THOSE WHO BELIEVED IN IT, TOO!

:: NGLS #1 Movie

Watch and enjoy NGLS 1 movie edited by Rastislav Bednar.


:: Breaking News: NGLS Story is featured in the book.

NGLS story was recognized by the world’s top experts on leadership and was given great tribute in August 2010, when Ivana Sendecka’s journey to founding NGLS was featured as epilogue of the book: The Truth About Leaderhip. Yay!


:: Join NGLS tribe

Have you taken part on NGLS #1 & #2 gig? Have you heard about it from your friends? Do you like the idea? Do you want to help running NGLS #3 conference? Share your ideas for collaboration at email address: ideas (at) ngls (dot) sk