How One Pair Of Eyes Have Changed My Life

Hello SCG,

today I want to share with YOU one personal story, which I have kept for myself for 5 and half years. Memories from that time are frequently coming back to me these days and only after such a long time, I was able to understand how precious those moments were.

It was November 2004, when I have arrived to Dubai with suitcase full of books and heart full of hope. I was still a student in my last year of University, when I have got an opportunity to get 3 months internship in Dubai.  I have been provided an accommodation in very nice small apartment located in a new residential area of Dubai. I was amazed by the facilities of the neighborhood: pool, basketball court (yay!!), gym, party room, barbecue spots and many other cool things. BUT I did not know a soul there, till…

Everything has changed after my first wandering around the swimming pool, when my eyes have met with the most amazing pair of eyes I have ever seen. Yes, I have met my “savior” and my buddy, who I was hanging out with ever since.

I was teaching him basketball tricks, swimming with him in a pool, I was going to gym with him, I was even introduced to his family (he lived with his niece and his sister). He was so smart, we understood each other without words. Merely looking into each others eyes was enough. <Gosh, I am having goose bumps even now, when I think of those moments> He did not drink alcohol, he did not smoke, he was spending most of the time with his family, he was was brave and he was ALWAYS optimistic. He was the most grateful person I have ever met. Simply the ONE ideal man!

Now, it might seems like I’ve had a crush on him, right? Well, who would not? Are you with me on that, ladies? 😉

So, who was this prince?

Bellow is a picture of me and him together with his cute niece (she must be a big girl by now). His name is Mohammed and he came originally from Iran.

Have you noticed something unusual on the picture? Yes? Are you not sure how to articulate it? Let me help you on that. Let me reveal it for you:

Mohammed was physically disabled, he had great difficulties with his posture, even walking was painful for him. He was often getting muscle crams, he could not talk properly and his hearing was limited as well. Those are just few of his life’s burdens visible by an non-involved observer.

And yet, he has taught me the most important lessons of my life:

1. Eyes are a window to the soul!

2. You can always share love no matter of how unfortunate your circumstances are.

3. Sincere gratitude is free to give away and it deeply touches those who receive it.

4.  Happiness is a choice and way of being, not conditional state of if I have got X, then Y will happen.

5.  If your presence can bring tears of joy into someone’s eyes, she/he will remember you forever.


try focus your attention to scanning the windows to the soul on people, NOT their wristwatch or their title on the business card. Then you might have higher chance to meet “your Mohammed” or to became life-changing pair of eyes for someone – yourself!

Have FUN and live life, which matters!

Mohammed’s life does matter!



Was this post inspiring? Did it make you think? Share it with your world, too. We need more pairs of eyes to connect in this planet.



  1. Mind Blowing Ivana!
    I don’t know what to say on this… I literally have nothing to say because you have explained everything yourself. This is the way to spend life. Never waiting for something to happen to carry on with life. Looking for dependencies all the time. Thinking for miracles to happen every time in our lives.

    You have explained everything Ivana. Marvelous!

  2. By being open to receive his gift, you were giving a gift as well. How many times do we miss opportunities for human interaction because of first impressions? To be able to get to the eyes and past any other “first impression” barriers is a gift and not always easy to do. I’ll be working on making more “eye contact” today Ivana. Thanks 🙂

  3. The beauty within… speechless Ivana… 🙂 1

  4. I love the story Ivana….by coincidence yesterday night I also had an interesting moment when I watched The Book of Eli where Denzel Washington is the deal reminded me about the cardinal virtues and how our world is living without them…Faith , Hope , Charity and Love.
    I also watched the Great Debaters a few years back and I have to say it is one of he best movies even it resonated with me on many levels including the race part but is has universal appeal that goes beyond race to possibilities of believing in a noble cause, having faith in it and courage enough t take it all the way.
    As always thank you for the thought provoking sharing…..wish you all the best

    • Thank you buddy! 😉
      I have seen Book Of Eli as well and I can only agree with you, that the most important values are fading away from our lives. But I believe that there are many of us, who are showing by example, what faith, courage and hope is.
      You too, keep on rocking.
      See ya around

  5. hello Ivana,

    What an awesome weblog…..vowwwwww, he was touched, and showed me your beautiful weblog…he is thinking of you every moments of his life, and wants to be in touch either on chat or give you a call ….he is still cherishing the moments he spent in Dubai with you..and he surely loves you deeply…

    His appreciation and feelings cannot be put into words for the breathtaking and nicely written feelings of yours. He is just happy and his joy is clearly visible on his face.

    Houri (known as Farzaneh inside the family)

    you can also find me in Facebook if you search my e-mail address ( and with the name of Farzaneh Ghorbani

    • WOW!!! Houri!!!
      Aaw, I am so grateful for interpreting Mohammed’s words. WOW…
      I am speechless… I have added you on Facebook, look it up.
      Send many HUGS to Mohammed
      I really believe I will be able to meet you guys, again! You mean so much for me.

      Note: For your information, Houri is mother of the cute baby girl on the picture and Mohammed’s sister!

  6. Lenka says:

    funny, I didn’t even realize he was disabled until after you have mentioned it ….

    • hey Lenka, welcome to Super Cool Gang;-)
      thanks for leaving your premiere comment.
      Yes, on that picture it might not be that obvious on first look…

  7. Very inspiring Ivi, I am totally speechless… Gosh, I wish that everybody can see what you saw in his eyes, accept me 😉

  8. No words this time truly, not for your ideal man and not for my ideal lady. Mind blowing.

  9. Dominika says:

    I read almost all your blogs here and they are always amazing. But after reading this I am really touched. You are great person and people should take example from you. Maybe somebody can say was nothing special, but in my opinion if everyone would behave to people around same way as you, world would be nicer.

    Take care and carry on with motivating people 🙂

  10. Dominika Szantova says:

    sorry, above I forgot to write my surname 🙂

  11. Really touchy Ivana –

    It is so so great to know Mohammad & Ivana 2004. I love what you meant and wish you many more matchless happiness.
    Keep touching our souls.


  12. Vishal says:

    Indeed very beautiful..,

  13. Well, you made THESE eyes weep. Thank you for this beautiful and inspiring story. How wonderful that you were looking for that pair of eyes, and so, could find them!

  14. blueuranus says:

    Hi dear Ivana 🙂
    congratulation …

    It’s the true LOVE …

  15. Hi!Ivana,
    What a lovely and amazing true story!

    • Salam Amir!
      Thank you for your 1st comment here, I am honored that you have liked the story. It was truly-life changing and it took me many years to appreciate its value.

  16. Mohammed is not disabled. He is differently abled 🙂 Glad you met him again. Happy for you. Enjoy your time in Tehran 🙂

  17. faizal cool says:

    Not many people can actually do what you have done Ivana. It takes a big heart to be friends with someone like Mohammed. Many may feel sad about him, but you have seen the happiness in him. I salute you. I am glad I read this at least now…

    • aw, thank you Faizal!;-)
      thanks for leaving your 1st comment on #IS!
      I hope to see you coming back again;-)

      P.S.: how did you come across this blog?;-) curious me is asking;-)


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