[Video] Experience NOT Age Matters

Hello Super Cool Gang,

I believe you are kicking off this week with high spirits! 😉

Today, I am “On Super Cool Gang’s Air” with topic, which bothers me for a long time and that is:  AGE

Age is very often one of the discrimination factor and here is why I think it SHOULD NOT BE!

Watch adorable Adora Svitak speaking her heart out at TED.

Check out also another 2 courageous young men who are exemplifying relativity of one’s age by pursuing their passion and living out loud their talent.

Justin Beiber who is 15 years old now and was discovered via Youtube videos which he has posted for his relatives online.

And 13 years old Shaheen Jafargholi who has blown away everyone at Britain’s Got a Talent last year. He has performed at Michael Jackson Memorial in Staples Center.

Do you smell this super cool potential of the young generation? I DO!

What is your say?



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  1. Vishal Devgon says:

    Aging and growing are different. Yes aging does brings in knowledge and experience (and wrinkles heheheeh) but wisdom it may not.
    You rock Ivana 😉

  2. Yes. I totally agree!
    And I really have this as my personal experience…

    There is a huge difference between “Working for someone” and “Working with someone”. Even consider same person and same job. But you’ll do that job with 100% more efficiency and enthusiasm working with him rather than working for him.

    The video you shared is super cool 🙂
    Thanks Ivana.

  3. check this commercial:

    it is not about age, it is all about experience, context and opportunities: take them but definitely grant them to others: give and take 🙂

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      cool vid, thanks!
      yes, practice and experiencing your envisioned dream with passion and focus>>>results will come.

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