Question Of the Week #15

Hello Super Cool Gang-ers,

Let us imagine that we have Time-Machine, here. And all of us must step into it. We can go back or forward in time, we just cannot stay where we are now. So, question of the week is:

If you are in the time machine, which year would be your desired destination and why?

I am so curious to know your choice of the “time” trip;-)

P.S.: I was inspired to ask you Question of the Week by recently uploaded TED speech by Michael Specter.


  1. Michael says:

    Probably One Year in the Future to find something that isn’t out now and make a lot of money off of it now. 🙂

  2. Zuzana KOšutová says:

    I would definitely go back in time. Maybe someone wouldn’t agree with me because of the wars that were or famine, slavery etc. But I am really interested whether I would be able to survive in times when there was no electricy, nor smart machines we have now. I would like to find out whether I would know how to cooperate with the nature. If I would be able to manage all the stuff important for living by my own self. I would like to see the healthy nature, or the one which people didn’t destroyed yet. And I would try to learn people how to protect it (but I’m sure most of them won’t listen, at least I would try)
    And which year? I have no idea. Maybe sometime arround 1300

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      thanks for you comment Zuzka!
      welcome to Super Cool Gang.
      oh, yes it is pretty challenging to talk to people and convince them for something, when they don’t listen
      you can try it out even nowadays with your ideas, what do you say?;-)

  3. Ohhh sista…Here’s bunches of various dates wich I would like to visit. But if I must choose one, hmmmm, I think it will be date of:


    Because, in this time was, released a biggest musical festival WOODSTOCK, wich was full of peacefull thoughts and great reletionships between unknown people to each other. Specially in this time was growing a lot of world famous music groups wich are today legendary. Of course, I must appeared in USA when I get out from the machine 😉

    In my opinion, it was time when nature around us, love and peace between people was dominating over materialism, jealousy and hate.

    My grandma always tells me, “when I was young, we didn’t have nothing, phones, PCs, gameclubs atc. We had only friends and nature and we were happier then you today”. Maybe she’s right… 😉


    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      Hiya Brother;-)
      what is stopping you from creating environment with love and peace between people over materialism and jealousy?

      what is stopping you to spend time with friends and enjoy the nature?

      just wondering what if you would take action on those wishes, what would happen.

      • Yeah I love nature, but material things around us are increasingly needed. I am going to our Garden twice at week and I love it realy, is there much work but I am enjoying the fresh wind, birds, my grandma and other things.

        Iam just telling that year 1969 was for me more beautiful and honest between people. Iam trying doing so well for other people but most of them don’t want to do the same things. In 69′ I guess, that was normal for people, be honest, helpful, they didn’t look at you like shit, atc.

        Iam trying the best…realy. 😉

  4. soo…timemachine? Im one of them whose dont believe that something like traveling in time is possible, but this for long talk, so maybe somewhere in some time hh 🙂

    but it will be, i have 3 possible places and times 🙂

    in case one i would go to the times, when Jesus was alive. To know him, to talk with him, to see how it really was. Cause even if Im catholic somethimes there are some questions without answers 🙂

    in case two i would go somewhere to middle age, to try if could live that way, cause I really like some parts of history of those days and so on…


    in case three i would go to 1907, to the first scout camp, to see how it was at the beggining, to know person, that set up this great organization…


    • 3rd – LOL 😀

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      imagine, that one day somewhere in future someone will say, i would like to go back to times when Lucia was alive to meet her and talk to her about great things she has done!

      you have certainly talent for that and more over excellent role models from past.

      what about becoming inspiration for others too?

  5. Balal Naeem says:

    Well.. I personally would like to go back to the time when there were no permanent homes and people used to move every month or so. No cars. Travelling on foot. When battles were fought with hands not with weapons. When water and milk were the only drinks. I want to see that simple and meaningful life.

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      Salam Balal,
      thank you for your contribution.

      i will ask again the same thing as guys above: what is stopping you from living simple and meaningful life NOW or in future?
      what is stopping you to walk more and to drink water and milk?

      do you have to travel to future for that?would not it be more fun to create future here and now as there is no time machine around?

  6. Ha! future. No doubt about it.
    With one unified government on Earth some of safe teleportation, replicators, affordable personal warp-capable spaceships and Mars already terraformed. Maybe money becomes obsolete due to abundance.
    Any resemblance with Star Trek is a mere coincidence 😉

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      Wonderful Seb!
      loving it!
      i will join you. being hooked up with science-fiction these days, i am just so keen to be in the future as well.
      i loved the part, that money are obsolete thing!

  7. This weeks question remind me of the movie “Year 1” LOL…
    But i’ll rather forward in the Future…

    It is 2050. Blogging is the new face of journalism. If there is news paper we can watch interviews instead of just pictures. There is a portion in the newspaper named: “Live feeds” lolz

    There is a biggest bloggers network with a name SCG network. They work and collaborate with each other. Their aim is humanity 2.0


    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      aaaw, Zun!
      yes, we can do it!
      we are doing it!
      we will make it happen it is all up to us!
      wonderful thoughts!

  8. I would go to the future, to see if the life I lived, would gone the way I want now. If no, I would know that it needs a change, more action….

  9. Back to ice age and introduce skiis and snowboard

  10. Going back in the past would be interesting for knowledge and learning. But I can not change the past. If I go into the future I have the potential to help warn about upcoming disasters (man made and natural), to thwart bad people and their bad plans and to inspire people to start working today on solving or planning for future unavoidable problems/opportunities. It sounds like a time traveling super hero 🙂 Shazaam

  11. K. DeVore says:

    I would like to travel back to momentous moments in history: joining Mohandas Gandhi on his salt march, being a crew member on the HMS Beagle with Charles Darwin, witnessing the creation of the first ever batch of palacinky. You know, that fateful morning some central European while drinking their coffee and eating a pancake decided “hey, why don’t I put jam in the middle, roll this up, and put good things on top?”. Events like that can’t be missed.

    Going back in time to become Ivana’s basketball coach could be worth the trip. Bossing her around, what fun! “Ok Ivana, here is what I want you to do, grab the basketball, run to the other side of the court and put it into the basket”.

    In terms of the future I would like to go to the point that climate change begins to spiral out of control, just so I could phone conservatives like Vaclav Klaus and say “Hah! I told you it would happen”, and then hang up quickly. I would spend my final few hours making palacinky.

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      LOL! 😉 Especially on the “Ivana’s coach part” 😉

      Oh, yes being around legend of humanity Gandhi must have been an experience. His legacy is timeless and we should spread it via our lives in order to experience his presence too.

      Yay, pancakes = palacinky is certainly great food and coincidentally my mum made it yesterday!

  12. Sidraqasim says:

    Hi Ivana!
    I dont want to go in any period by using time machine. There are some reasons of it. First if i want to know or enjoy past period I would like to read history and if I want to meet with any best personality I would love to learn about them and try to apply their thoughts in present so that present could also get benefit.
    Reason for reading is that I could find a particular moment of great personalities while using time machine. But a good book can give me over all view of that personality or period.

    Another reason is that I do believe every period has great personalities so I prefer to find good personalities of my period and want to get full utility out of them.

    Now let us talk about future.I am not very curious about it.Future will be what, I want to make it.And I am sure it will be great.
    And the moments and people who are the part of past now,Like morning walk with my late Grandfather,Discussion with my late Uncle and prayers of my late Grandmother etc I miss them all and usually love to recall them.But I feel happiness while recalling them.

    Have a great to all.

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      Dear Sidra,
      I am loving your thoughts and depth!
      Yes, future is how we will make it. Excellent.

  13. Sidraqasim says:

    Thanks Ivana!
    But where are your comments?

  14. Miroslava Durnekova says:

    Good question Ivka! Many interesting replies…
    Near future is not interesting for me. And the far future? It can be nothing there 😉
    So … just the past remains. There were many interesting and valuable people who I would like to observe, talk to … But only one is The God (for me) that´s why I definitely choose Jesus times. I am sure it is not necessery to talk to Him, just listening would be enough …


    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      😉 Hi Mirka,
      I am happy to “see you” here again!
      Yes, listening is the greatest tool for learning.
      Stop the noise, hear the voice.
      Have a super cool day.
      cheers from Poprad

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