Question Of the Week #51 + Announcement

Hiya SCG,

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas time & you are ready to get back on “shipping” track. This week’s question was suggested by Marek Lutz (thank you Marek!):

“Do you create any personal reviews at the end of the year? Can we somehow meaningfully use this event “end of the year ” as inspiration for future or it is just another date in calendar?[Read more…]

Question Of the Week #50

Hello SCG,

50th question was inspired by a post on the Facebook page of my friend Derek Sivers, where he posted this link, where online authorities (including SCG-ers: J.D. Meier, Mars Dorian or Seth Godin) were asked this question:

“What’s the most “unrealistic” thing you have accomplished & what have you learned from the process? “

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Question Of The Week #49

Hiya SCG,

this is 175th shipment (blog post) on Inspiring Shipments (#IS) and that is why I would like to ask you:

“Which are your top 3 shipments from #IS, which have resonated with you the most (so far)?”

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Question Of The Week #48 + Announcement


here we come with 1st question of the week of the last month of 2010. One of the visible things about the fact that time is passing by are my bookshelves, which became fuller and heavier. So, I am curious to know:

“What is your book policy?”

“Book policy” means: Do you buy your books? Do you lend /borrow them? Are you giving them away, after you read them? Are you going to library and you pay regular fees to read books? [Read more…]

Question Of The Week #47

Hiya SCG,

today I would like to ask you:

Do you keep diary/journal of yours?

If yes, for how long and how often do you write into it? If not, why not?

See you in comments.


Question Of the Week #46

Hey SCG,

end of the week is here and along with it, comes 46th #QOW. These days I am becoming more and more grateful for everything around me and it includes also food. That is why, I would like to ask you:

What is your favorite meal or cuisine(s)?

I cannot wait to consume your ‘yummi’ comments 😉


Question Of the Week #45


theme of education has inspired me with #QOW due to a fact that this Friday 19th November at 11AM (CET), I will be facilitating webinar on School 2.0 within Policy and Leadership Track on Global Education Conference 2010 Note: SCG-er Monika Hardy has her session , there too!;-)

What subject(s) do you wish to see in your or your kids school’s syllabus, which are not there?

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Question Of the Week #44


share your opinions on 44th Question Of the Week.

What is the first thing you notice/examine when you meet someone for the first time?

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Question Of the Week #43

Hiya SCG,

this week’s question is also illustrated by a picture on the left .Guys, I am asking you: Where is the line between creative meshing up freely available online stuff and “copy-pasting”?”

Let me share with you an example “case study”, which made me to compose this question and tap into our super cool collective wisdom. Here it is: [Read more…]

Question Of The Week #42

Hiya SCG,

first of all let me give credits to Josh Hanagarne from The World’s Strongest Librarian blog for his post, which has given me inspiration for this week’s question!

42nd #QOW  is: What Is Your Song?

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