Question Of The Week #48 + Announcement


here we come with 1st question of the week of the last month of 2010. One of the visible things about the fact that time is passing by are my bookshelves, which became fuller and heavier. So, I am curious to know:

“What is your book policy?”

“Book policy” means: Do you buy your books? Do you lend /borrow them? Are you giving them away, after you read them? Are you going to library and you pay regular fees to read books? I cannot wait to know your book habits;-)

See you in comments!


P.S.: On Tuesday, 7th December there will be second worldwide Linchpins are everywhere meet up. I will be waiting for Linchpins from Slovakia at 6,30PM in Groteska Cafe, in Poprad. I would love to see you, there.


  1. no way! im collecting books, i have over 600 items atm, only this year i spent over 500 euro on amazon and martinus. One day i will give them all to my children or grandchildren or to some school 🙂

  2. Hi, I am both borrowing and buying books. I also love to recommend & borrow them to all people around, if I consider the book worthwhile 🙂
    I recently came across with this website , which is an interesting idea on how to share books around the world 🙂

  3. Hi there 🙂
    I like to buy books to my personal library. I read them and then the second time I study them. I like to return to some books when I now the book can help me in solving some particular case.
    I also boroving books to people around.

  4. I borrow as often as I can from the local library and from the Innovation Library at the Regional Development Authority. If they don’t have a book, I buy it, read it, then give it to them. That way, I don’t have to store them, more people around me read them and if I want to read them again, I know where they are.

    My favourite thing in the word is when I get a surprise book in the mail. That happened a few times this year. It’s better than Christmas!

    • Hi Frances!
      Awesome, I simply love your “book policy”. Giving books away to your local library. I wish more people would be set on this kind of generosity approach. And again it proves: you only get what you give, by the fact that you are getting surprised by books in the mail.
      Super cool!

  5. Some books I just have to have.. I buy them and I keep them. Some books get outdated after a certain time, I buy them and sometimes I get a newer version.
    I am kinda done with the ‘I wait for the book I need’ library kind of thing…

  6. I regularly buy them and give them away. If I didn’t give them away, I’d have to move out … I’d run out of room 🙂

  7. As a voracious reader who spends 2-5% of net income on books, i live in a pile of books, in general I dont lend my books, as they tend to spoil relationships. After reading them it takes one of the the various pathways.

    Some which I would like I would like to keep remains with me.

    Sometimes I find the books utility is less than the utility of space it takes up my living space, so those books go to local charity

    Sometimes I already know folks who would enjoy the books than I would, so those books get tagged with thier names and would be shipped to them when i get a chance.

    Sometimes I find people who would benefit from the book more than I could if so I give it to them.

    • Hey Anish!
      It is so amazing, that you are vivid reader and that you invest in books and self-education. (you would fit in into “what if universe” – concept from my last talk)
      I like your colorful approach to book policy as I can see loads of space for variety in it, and parts of giving away and tagging books for others might one day overweight part of not lending books, because they spoil relationships;-)
      Rock on!

  8. Arjan Tiessen says:

    I buy all books I want to read. Have a big pile already (and many yet to be read :))
    Another policy I have is to recommend and give books as presents. The pick is customized to the receiver. I also take lots of recommendations from others.

    Same story with music; I buy cd’s still (lots of them).

    I sometimes download movies since I usually watch them once only.
    What is your policy with respect to movies??

    • Hello Arjan!
      I can hear ya, with many to be read yet pile!;-) I have also solid number of books on the waiting list shelf;-)
      Oh, my I need a clone or something to read them all.
      As you might be aware about my movies policy, I do download movies and when I really love it and tag it as must watch I buy a DVD.

  9. Tomas Kuracina says:

    Wow there is a snow falling here on blog 🙂 How did you do that??
    So my book policy..I am buying the books, and sometimes borrowing from library or from someone else, but it’s like 90:10 ratio. I have just realized yesterday that I have filled another shelf 🙂 Then I have special “books to read” shelf right above me, where I have books lined up in order in which I will read them. When there is just one book I know it is time to buy new ones, or borrow.

    • 😉 Hi Tom!
      again, it is great to know that you are active reader and that filling up shelf with books is exciting moment for you! that is the way to go;-)
      regarding snow on blog, it is app done by awesome team, I have just applied it;-)

  10. Peter Hanula says:

    I buy them. And if they are good enough, or if they can change someones life, I give them to that person or I buy a copy for them.

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