Question Of The Week #48 + Announcement


here we come with 1st question of the week of the last month of 2010. One of the visible things about the fact that time is passing by are my bookshelves, which became fuller and heavier. So, I am curious to know:

“What is your book policy?”

“Book policy” means: Do you buy your books? Do you lend /borrow them? Are you giving them away, after you read them? Are you going to library and you pay regular fees to read books? [Read more…]

Well Invested Time In October 2010

Hiya SCG,

I suspect that this year went by somehow fast, don’t you think? 10th wrap up of books, which I have read last month is due. I have taken off with; asking myself “why” with Simon Sinek & then I had a privilege to spent overwhelming time by science fiction piece(s) by Robert Heinlein about Man from Mars and 2 books by Seth Godin, who preaches according to some “wise” people in our planet: science-fiction things,too. 😉 So, let’s hop on a space-ship into “October’s reading universe” of I.S. [Read more…]

What Can You Learn From Salinger’s “Linchpin”: Holden Caulfield?

Hello SCG,

this is an emergency shipment with a book review of a novel which touched me deeply. This tiny book by J.D. Salinger blew my mind away. I know, I know many of you must have already read it during your school years, but for me it was first time “meeting with Salinger”  and I just want to express my gratitude for this “helluva” master-pieceThe Catcher in the Rye.

Let me share with you THE quotes of novel’s 17 years old hero Holden Caulfield, which made me stick sticky notes into this treasure;

[Read more…]

Well Invested Time in July 2010

Hello SCG!

wow, could you explain to me what has happened to the time? Did someone accelerated it? 😉 Yes, 7th books review of 2010 is due, right now.  My July’s reading was rather modest (page count wise) , but incredibly rich in depth of insights.  Let me feed you in on why I loved the books I’ve read so much.

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One Thing You Should Know About Earth

RamaHey Super Cool Gang,

I must confess:  “I am in trouble. I am totally hooked up with science-fiction. HELP!” 😉

After innocent introduction to Arthur Clarke last month with his book Rendezvous With Rama. I am already reading 3rd part of the saga about spaceship Rama. I can’t take my eyes away from the book and my sleeping routine is completely thrown out of the balance due to late night involvements into the action of human space travelers and their stories.

Today I wanted to share with you one quote, which was told by mother (Nicole) to her 5 kids  who were born on the spaceship and have never been on Earth:

If there is one thing, which you should know about Earth, it would be LOVE. Knowing what love is and how to love is enough for you to know.

Have a LOVE-ly weekend my dear friends.

Inspire and love each other.



Well invested time in March 2010

Books Of March 2010

Hey Super Cool Gang,

spring month of April is in its full mode and therefore let me do   wrap up of last month’s food for soul for YOU. [Read more…]

[Guest] Exclusive Interview with Srikumar Rao

Srikumar Rao Wohoooo Super Cool Gang (SCG),

I am more than excited and humbled to introduce you very special 1st guest ever to our “Super Cool Household”.

Prof. Srikumar Rao

I am honored that SCG is among first online communities in the world, which will have the opportunity to find out more about just released (2nd April 2010) book by Srikumar Rao – Happiness at Work.

5 Interview Questions have been answered by Srikumar himself, exclusively for SCG community.

How Super Cool is that? 😉


[Read more…]

New Book by Srikumar Rao is out.

Hello Super Cool Gang-ers,

I am so delighted to hear that new book by Srikumar Rao is officially out since yesterday – 2nd of April 2010. Why am I so excited? There are tons of books published every day, aren’t they.

I have special soft spot for Prof.  Rao, because his book Are You Ready to Succeed? literally changed my life in November 2007 and was one of the reasons why I have decided to leave Dubai and return back – home to Slovakia.

His new book Happiness At Work is available in bookstores in North America, so if you are passing by a bookshop, pick up this fresh piece for upcoming pro-longed Easter weekend.

SCG-ers, I would love to know your take on it, as I can’t do that right now (yet) 😉

Stay Super Cool.


Well invested time in February 2010

Hello guys,

I am still owing your book review summary for month of February, so here we go;-)

Book I have read in February 2010

Books of February 2010

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[Video] About Reading Books

Guys, do you think that cliché : “Reading books  is boring and old fashioned”, is true?

Hmmm?;-) Let me do  my bit to turn around your perception. Let me know if I have succeeded?

Selection of  Lessons Learned, from Ken’s book ELEMENT

I have enjoyed to “know”  Debbie Allen and her page. I have tweeted her  famous quote:

You want fame. Well, fame costs. Right here is where you start to pay in sweat.

I have downloaded and listened to 2 amazing music albums:

  • Traveling Wilburys – their album was happy accidental meeting….As I always say: “There ain’t any coincidences in life.”
  • Miles Davis – Kind of Blue

I had a great experience by watching Black Ice poems on Youtube. WATCH HIM, TOO! He has loads to say.

I laughed out loud at Billy Connolly and his comedian bliss, again on Youtube.

Ladies, did you know that we can thank to hairstylist Vidal Sassoon for our blow dries?;-) Me neither, now I know.

Thanks to Ken I have got “introduced” to Arianna from Huffington Post. If you don’t use RSS, you can follow updates on Facebook too, just become fan, here.

I have watched inspiring words of  Marian Wright Edelman about Child Poverty in America, on Youtube.

And much more.

It is all up to you, what experiences you are looking for, when you read a book;-) This was mine.

Have a super cool week ahead.


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