Believe me -> Linchpins Are Everywhere!

Hello SCG,

I trust you will enjoy report from one and only Linchpin Meet Up in Slovakia, which took place on 18th May 2011 in my home-town Poprad. I have to confess, that I have been deeply touched by Linchpins, which I have met last Wednesday. If I have been “high” after Linchpin meet up last year -> in 2011 I had to take few days to calm down, reflect & digest -> yeap, it had such a huge impact on me.  Why so? What did blow my mind that much? Find out, bellow. [Read more…]

Second Linchpins Meet Up (Only One) in Slovakia

Hello SCG,

yesterday (7 Dec) was the second global Linchpins are everywhere meet up, called up by the Seth Godin. I have (again) raised a meet up flag in Slovakia, ignoring the fact I am the only one in whole country marching on. You might remember video from 1st Linchpin meet up in Slovakia (from June 2010), where I have been very excited from the fact that 7 people showed up on a meet up and I was spreading message: “It always starts with one!” Yesterday, I have decided to spread ideas about what does it mean to be a Linchpin again and my audience consisted of the most indispensable Linchpins, I know. Who were are they?

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What Can You Learn From Salinger’s “Linchpin”: Holden Caulfield?

Hello SCG,

this is an emergency shipment with a book review of a novel which touched me deeply. This tiny book by J.D. Salinger blew my mind away. I know, I know many of you must have already read it during your school years, but for me it was first time “meeting with Salinger”  and I just want to express my gratitude for this “helluva” master-pieceThe Catcher in the Rye.

Let me share with you THE quotes of novel’s 17 years old hero Holden Caulfield, which made me stick sticky notes into this treasure;

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[Video] Linchpins Meet Up In Slovakia: “It Always Starts with One! March On!”

Dear SCG!

I just have to share with you, what a MIRACLE HAS HAPPENED TODAY!

14th of June was announced by THE Seth Godin as worldwide-meet-the-tribe-of-Linchpins day. All Linchpins = indispensable creative artists had an opportunity to organize an offline meeting in their part of the world.

Watch a video with my story from “Linchpins Are Everywhere Meet Up” in Poprad,

one and only meeting in Slovakia.

I am so grateful to those seven amazing people, who made it happen!

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[Video] Special Live Book Review: Linchpin by Seth Godin

Hello folks,

let me offer you  food for your souls before upcoming weekend.


More take aways from Seth’s Linchpin reading adventure are:

  • I have got to know Anne Jackson and I have even ordered her book for Kindle. She is truly awesome human being. Subscribe to her blog, too!
  • I have found out who is behind design of an iPod (I didn’t know it before). Watch interview with  Jonathan Ive. Such a humble gentleman…and even handsome;-) True Linchpin.
  • I have got to read breath-taking story about  Ed Sutt and his invention of live saving nails.
  • I have watched movie Memento, guys it is really super cool one, watch it carefully;-)
  • I have listened to the art of Keller Williams, check him out  here. Hilarious! He is for sure ignoring his lizard brain, when walking bare footed on the stage;-)
  • Inspiring was also story of Frank Elliason from ComCast and his Linchpin approach to using Twitter, watch his speech about “why brands should be on Twitter”, here.
  • I have also enjoyed video by Sandy Pentland from MIT, where he was talking about honest signals, which as Seth has also mentioned in the book, are the only signals that travel.

Slovak blog about Linchpin will be online within tomorrow, just check in at.



P.S.: Gosh, I thought I have not said a fraction of what I wanted to share and yet, video is 10 minutes long;-)I don’t understand how Chris Brogan could make Linchpin book review video in less than 2 minutes? But that’s what is super cool about life, we all have our own ways of shipping;-)  Thank you for your art, Chris;-)

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