Believe me -> Linchpins Are Everywhere!

Hello SCG,

I trust you will enjoy report from one and only Linchpin Meet Up in Slovakia, which took place on 18th May 2011 in my home-town Poprad. I have to confess, that I have been deeply touched by Linchpins, which I have met last Wednesday. If I have been “high” after Linchpin meet up last year -> in 2011 I had to take few days to calm down, reflect & digest -> yeap, it had such a huge impact on me.  Why so? What did blow my mind that much? Find out, bellow.

Preparation – preparation – preparation started on 4th May.

preparations for Linchpin Meet Up have started at the moment, when I have read Seth’s blog post about it. Yeah, two weeks before the gig. What the heck, did I prepare for informal meet up? Why did I bother? Is it not suppose to be just some conversation with coffee/beer in our hands? Yes, it could be, but those who know me, can tell that easy paths are not those which I walk on.

Slovak Linchpins traveled hundreds of km to come down to Poprad.

When I have realized (from emails, Facebook messages and tweets) that people are coming down to Poprad from distant towns (furthest travelers were from Zlate Moravce) -> responsibility to ship remarkable event for them was even more urgent. So, I did “paint” slide-deck bellow, which also includes Seth’s videos & helped to start lively Q&A part of our meet up.

View this presentation on Slideshare.

From 7 to 19 Slovak Linchpins in One Year

In 2010, I have been bit sh*$ scared, when I was heading out for Linchpin Meet Up in Poprad -> I thought I will be there alone, but to my surprise 7 people showed up. So, therefore I had faith that it will be at least similar bunch of folks in 2011, too. My jaws dropped when I have seen full coffee shop of peeps, coming for Linchpin meet up. (I don’t dare to guess, how many Linchpins will come for next Meet Up.)

View whole Linchpin photo-stream on Flickr.

We have been “linchpinging” till 10 PM – luckily Groteska Art Cafe‘s closing time was at 10PM, otherwise we would hang out for much longer. I came home totally exhausted (those who think that public speaking is easy – try it out), but I was totally content & happy to confirm my belief, that there are so many remarkable people in this world. Thank you all!

Why does title of this shipment state -> Linchpins are everywhere?

3 hours before Slovak Linchpin Meet Up, I have been “virtual part” of the same meet up in Lahore – Pakistan. Our beloved #IS Ambassadors -> Sidra Qasim & Waqas Ali have organized Linchpin Meet Up in their home! (I am so proud of you, guys!) When they have asked me to be part of 30 minutes long Q&A Skype chat with Pakistani Linchpins -> I did not hesitate a minute and I said loud YES!. I was so honored to join them. (see screenshot bellow of what I have seen) -> 10 young Pakistani Linchpins were shooting question after question at me. They were so sincere, so alive, so eager to make difference, that I got wet-eyed shortly after the start of our chat…

Bottom Line

Regardless of our geographical location -> We all have noisy lizard brain in our heads – screaming to discourage us from shipping our art = work, which matters.

Rule of thumb: loud lizard brain’s discouragement =  affirmation that you must ship, what you are hesitant/afraid/not sure of to do/create.

Linchpins in Slovakia or Pakistan or anywhere else in the world have the same fears -> of failure, of being outcasts, of marching alone, of not being understood etc.

Failure is essential part of artist’s path -> fail often -> learn -> ship your art.

Energy of like minded people – Linchpins can create huge impact in the society/ community -> know each other, work with each other, hire each other.

Don’t wait for permission to create your art, it will never come from others -> its source is your own genius -> unleash it – manifest it in your actions -> ship!

World needs you & your art.

Stop reading this shipment now ->  you don’t need more inspiration ->  you know what to do -> go make your ideas happen!

Ship, ship, ship!


what about you – are you a Linchpin? Are you indispensable artist? Will you join us for next meet up? Will you have guts to march on & head own Linchpin Meet Up in  your town/school/office like Sidra & Waqas did? What stops you from shipping remarkable work? Are you aware that failure is part of the artist’s journey?

March on, folks!




  1. sharmeen rafique says:

    Yes Ivana you are right about the failure is the most important part of the artist’s path. but now i am o longer afraid of failure because of Sidra and Waqas. They changed my lizard brain.

    • Hey Sharmeen!
      It was so great to see you on Linchpin meet up! Thank you for being there and for your questions.
      Yes, Sidra & Waqas are true Linchpins and great example of quietening of lizard brain. Learn from them and ship your own art.

  2. Wonderful.

    Seeing people coming from very different cultures in resonance with this kind of movements is more than hopeful, is invigorating.

    BTW, don’t you agree they have x2 merit in participating? (maybe more!)

    Great work Iv!

  3. Wajco says:

    Yeah Ivana 🙂
    Linchpins rocks!

    I think many linchpins don’t have time to meet up because they were busy with making their dreams come true .. but they are looking forward for next meet up 😉

    • Hey,
      if you were busy with doing work which matters, you bet you did good that you carried on with it! I would love to see you with us next time & you can tell us about your shipments & how do you fight lizard brain;-)
      See you!

  4. Fabulous!

    So glad this went well. Well done.

  5. You rock, Ivana!
    Thanks for continuing to show the way.

  6. It sounds like you were in your element. Way to be.

  7. Marek says:

    Awesome, hopefully next time I will make it work for me as well.

  8. veryyy coool dude

    • Thanks, Di!

      • Ivana,

        You have no idea how much I’m happy to see the Pakistani Linchpins image.

        Waqas and Sidra are more successful as they made many people sit for idea sharing. It seems that, I did nothing in the 1st Linchpin day, hosted by me on Skype in Pakistan (June 14th, 2010)

        Waqas and Sidra, you both rock!!! Keep up the good work: )

        Ivana, thank you so much for your participation. I wasn’t there but I know would have been really great in inspiring others and would have developed new Linchpins Pakistan.

        I can say that because I know a great Linchpin who participated on 1st Linchpin day. Her name is Frances Schagen (You can also read her comment above)

        Linchpin should support others and make new Linchpin, as a gift. No reciprocity. But I think, over all, Linchpins become invincible when a Linchpin supports another Linchpin.

        That’s what me and Frances did and that’s what you, Waqas and Sidra did.

        Here are the series of articles for the 1 st Linchpin day in Pakistan:

        All the best,

  9. Hello Kamil,
    thanks for your kind words.
    Do not say, that you did nothing on the first meet up -> every small thing, initiative matters! And yes we are all here to support each other, you can count on that.
    Keep on shipping!


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