Waqas Ali: “How #IS Turned a Total Stranger Into a Friend”

Hello SCG, greetings from Pakistan!

You must be wondering what is Ivana Waqas doing here. Let me tell you.. As we all know #IS is about life, inspiration and real life experiences, so today I am invited to share with you my story. The story how I connected with Ivana and each one of you and how it has impacted me thousands of miles far away from Slovakia.

It was Feb 2010, I enthusiastically applied to become Google Ambassador, unfortunately that program later revealed to be a scam. But fortunately it introduced me to some very good folks from all around the world, who also sincerely fell for this fake initiative, one of them was Ivana Sendecka 😉

Like a decent networker (which I believe I’m), I have added her on Facebook and she replied me with her all time energetic smile. Screenshot below.

That was our first interaction. It wasn’t even in my wild dreams that I’ll have such fantastic group of friends (you SCG) in days to come. But looking back from now, it is clear that it was well planned and one of the best miracles that could happened to me.

Over the next few days I started reading Inspiring Shipments, in other words the story of Ivana and her journey. It was WOW, I felt and still believe I just found a person who’s really doing remarkable work which can lead and inspire many including me.

They say, long term interactions leads to genuine connections, and this is what’s happening here since very first day. I invited many of my friends to join #IS, and greatly they are here. Similarly, Ivana introduced me to people like Seth Godin, Gary Vee, Sebastian, Marek, Zuzu, Jim, Kim etc and to the incredible work you all are doing.

Whenever I needed help and guidance, Ivana was always there, no matter if we need a video message to inspire young people in Okara, or participate in our Linchpin meetup in Lahore. She crossed all the boundaries, and made it possible with the help of online tools.

Waqas speaking on social media day meetup.

The best part of my learning here is, it changed my actions and it changed me. Now I see life with a different set of eyes. Truth to be told, I was very near to label myself as a failed (who did never stand for anything) person. Now it is opposite, literally I fail at something every week and I start something new right afterwards. I have started, writing my blog, founded Indo-Pak Peace Media (an online community), failed at one business, and I am also working on my book. When I failed, I felt so happy about what I tried something to what “the earlier Waqas” would have reacted much differently. Last year I organized first of its kind social media day meetup in Lahore, 10 people showed up. This year the event was much bigger and 65+ people showed up. What I have tested and learned on my own skin that, it is all about getting out, taking a bold step, ignoring what others are saying or will say.

Taking a step further, currently I’m working as a pro blogger, I learned exceptional networking skills, helping people everyday with what I’ve learnt. You all guys have made me believe that any of us could be next Seth Godin or Ivana Sendecka.

And.. This is just first year, beginning at Inspiring Shipments. We’ll surely meet in person someday not very far from now. Plus I also see more growth in each one of us. One day we are an average person, and it is all up to us to initiate the change within. Ship your art, start with learning something everyday and within weeks you’ll experience a transformation of your life and you will be ready to transform more and more, over and over.

No one knows what SCG will be on July 12, 2012 (after one year). But it is sure, each of us involved in #IS and especially you, will be doing something bigger and more remarkable. World is already recognizing and noticing this small TRIBE known as Super Cool Gang. 😉

SCG, now it’s your turn.

Share with us, how connecting with a friend or blog has impacted you? Did you change anything in your life based on inspiration from #IS or from members of SCG ?

Everyone and especially I would love to know about it.

Have a super cool week!


  1. Wow, I’m taking notes 😉

    I wrote something about failing here:

    In a way it’s like Buzz Lightyear said:
    “I’m not flying, I’m falling with elegance”

    So you make it your story. Like you did it.

    It’s the survival story, a thrive story. So your message gains momentum and becomes stronger (if it didn’t kill you). The internet these days allows you to find people that are an instant match of friendship. Scaling friendship is the new thing.

    Knowing that you have some pals over there (doesn’t really matter where) that can connect like this is a strong idea.

    The kind of strength needed to build cultural bridges crossing cultural gaps.

    • Sebastian, I’m really pleased about this whole going on story and so with your wonderful comments.

      You’re very right that if used genuinely, tools like internet allows you to find exact people, I look forward to more experiences and sharing with you guys. 😉

  2. Today i deeply realized how a connection can help a person to find, know and enhance himself and how a person by working on improving self can connect to others. Lets connect, connect and only connect.
    Thanks Waqas you are awesome.

    • Yes Sharmeen, interacting with great people (in this case Ivana) help you learn many new things including a hidden side of you.
      Isn’t this so nice how Sidra connected us as well. There is no limit of friendship circle now.

  3. I is now about 2 years that i change my philosophy. Now I working on my self having on mind this “Knowledge an information’s is key to success” and this one you can find on my blog lot of years “change yourself and you will enter a changed world” 🙂

    • Yes Jaroslav, it is about changing ourselves, looking through different set of eyes and you’re on the way to change WORLD. 😉 Thank you for stopping by!

  4. Encouraging and Perfect use of social Networking 😉

  5. It sounds like you’ve had quite the journey and a wild ride.

    Growth is where the heart is.

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