Waqas Ali: “How #IS Turned a Total Stranger Into a Friend”

Hello SCG, greetings from Pakistan!

You must be wondering what is Ivana Waqas doing here. Let me tell you.. As we all know #IS is about life, inspiration and real life experiences, so today I am invited to share with you my story. The story how I connected with Ivana and each one of you and how it has impacted me thousands of miles far away from Slovakia. [Read more…]

Super Cool coincidence with Supercool School!

Hi Super Cool Gang,

welcome to second half of 2010! 😉

Just one week after my workshop On School 2.0 in the best Slovak High School and success of the slide deck on Slideshare after RT  by Don Tapscott himself. I would like to share with you super cool project, which I have been referred to by my friend Lee Provoost.

Supercool School 😉

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Question of the Week #20


this week’s quest for your opinions was inspired by Scott Gould who is running hilarious Like Minds movement. Scott has asked his readers an interesting question. I liked Scott’s question a lot and I believe, that our “SCG”- Super Cool Gang can help Scott with his research as well. Question is:

What have you bought, because of social media?

I am soooo, curious.

Share your experiences, with the world.


Question Of The Week #18

Hey SCG!

I am so excited, that Question Of The Week series is gaining its momentum and we have intensive interactions in comments. THANK YOU! That is the way to go: engaging, learning and GROWING TOGETHER! 😉 18th #QOW is:

How would it affect you, if your social networks (FB & Twitter) would disappeared tomorrow?

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Question Of the Week #9

How do you extend your network?

How do you network?

I would love to know: How do you “acquire” new contacts, how do you interact with  “strangers”?

Have a lovely Sunday.



[Video] Are You Polite2.0?

Hey guys,

I was having urge to compose blog post on social media manners and etiquette for couple of months.

So, here are my thoughts on how you can enhance your experience when connecting with “strangers” =>who I consider as friends which I have not met yet.

Stay super cool!



Question of the Week #4 (2010)

Hello Folks!

I apologize for my tardy blogging for past one week, as I have been in the “sand-land” => Dubai.  Of course, there is no way, I would allow myself to neglect you guys!

The Question of the Week #4 was “born” thanks to my friend, amazingly creative person, “our age” philosopher and author  Tyler Shores from Oxford University, who has shared with me on Facebook following unique opportunity:

Question of the Week #4 is:

What question would you ask  Clay Shirky?

Till 8th February , YOU can also raise your voice and compose thought provoking question for the world’s leading expert on social media. Drop your questions directly into comments of  Tyler’s blog post or simply leave it in the comments here, it will certainly reach Tyler and highly possibly also Clay himself!


P.S.: I was missing you my dear readers.

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