Inspiring Colors of Slovak Summer Twenty Eleven

Hiya SCG,

today I have decided to share with you snaps, which I was inspired to take few moments ago. After pretty rainy days I grabbed a chance and took some picture of the closest surrounding of #IS’s headquarters;-) None of it (except pictures) is my work -> my hat tips go to my parents and bro Tom for years of sweat put into grooming of our garden. Enjoy!

Hungry for more pics? -> Here we go, check out Summer 2011 photo stream on Flickr.

Still lacking inspiration? -> Jump straight to #IS’s Tumblr blog with tons of freshly picked videos for you.

SCG, have a super cool week ahead!



  1. Nice.

  2. Jozef Maudry says:

    Piece of Beauty – pic after pic 🙂

  3. Hi Ivana,
    they say a picture is worth a thousand words, and what beautiful pictures you have posted which speak volumes of not only how beautiful the #I.S garden HQ is, but for me, more importantly the fact that you were not so busy and caught up in your day to day life that you forgot to spend at least one minute of your day to breathe in and appreciate the beauty of life and all its offerings.
    thanks for reminding me to take time to smell roses and appreciate life blessings.

    • Aw, thank you Joe!
      That is exactly the point I was trying to make with this shipments with pics. -> Inspire you to get out and cherish the beauty surrounding you.It is everywhere.

  4. Picture perfect … those purple flowers really pop … well done.

  5. Thank you Ivana for reminding me about summer in Slovakia. Nice pictures. Another small piece why I want to return home after internship.

  6. Heh Ivana tipical slovak bee =) we are now litle bit in reconstruction but working hard to have nice house like you

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