[Video] How I dared greatly at @TEDxNitra

IS at TEDxNitraHiya SCG,

it has been sometime since we have ‘met’ in this space. There have been plenty of reasons for my silence, however I am delighted to be back today. The following video sums up a 3 year long journey (some of you have been on with me also via this blog). In September 2012 I stood up on the TEDx stage in Nitra (Slovakia) and I shared what I have learned during the most challenging 3 years of my life (so far). I hope you will find in it at least one thing which will resonate with you. Remember, (R)evolution  Starts in the  Heart.    [Read more…]

3 Lessons Learned During 3 Years of #IS Blog.

Hi hi hi my dear SCG,

believe it or not, on 17th September 2012  this blog reached another milestone on its journey. Three years ago was the first time I have posted a blog post in this digital space. Naive,   enthusiastic , fearless, driven,  a bit “I know it all”,   “let me save the world” Ivana  posted a video about quitting my job and with title “End, which got me to begin.” Indeed in 2009, closed a door on security, on predictability, on the beaten path of a 9 to 5 job  walked by too many before me.  I have jumped with a bliss of  ignorant  beginner into the world where those who really do the work  meet,  create and collaborate. I have learned how little I know about myself , about human nature and about the world out there.  It is three  years since I set out on the most exciting and difficult  times of my journey in this world.    I am insanely grateful for all  of you who crossed my path and who still walk beside me. Here are three main lessons, which  could wrap up   each year with Inspiring Shipments, NGLS and myself.  

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50 #Quotes from a new #book by @SPressfield: Turning Pro

Hello my dear SCG,

oh my, I have missed you. I believe that during my exile from blogging you shipped loads of your art. I must confess that last 8 weeks have been the most trans formative and in the same time the most eye-opening, frightening, miraculous and soul shaking weeks of my life. I needed time to digest all experiences, regain energy, heal the scars, part with those who I trusted and loved, re-united with those I meant to be with and thank everyone who made me who I am now. I was simply Turning Pro from being an Amateur. What exactly do I mean by Turning Pro? Let the author of “turning pro” phrase explain it to you. Go, Steven Pressfield go -> Guys, enjoy hand picked 50 quotes from just self – published (I love the “self” bit of publishing a lot!) & must read book by @SPressfieldTurning Pro. [Read more…]

[Guest] The Dr. Ben Carson World’s Best Pediatric Neurosurgeon Interviewed for #IS by Dr. Jonathan Gallagher

Dr. Ben Carson interviewed by Dr. Jonathan GallagherHey SCG,

first of all thank you for your generosity and for taking #IS for virtual lunch & celebrating two and half years of shipping for #IS. Today I have a special treat for you -> interview with the world’s best pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson. I have been moved by his life story after watching movie about him: Gifted Hands. His work was brought to my attention via my online friend Imanuel, who said he had a privilege to meet Dr. Carson in person!!! -> and it was Imanuel who introduced me to Dr. Jonathan Gallagher, who happened to lunch with Dr. Ben last Saturday…loving this synchronicity, don’t you? #life #gratitude #joy [Read more…]

Tribute To My Best Friend

Hello SCG,

I apologize for low frequency of shipping (at blogging end) in 2012, but maybe less is more in this case as well. Today, I have decided to introduce you my best friend. She made me who I am in many aspects. Many thoughts and blog posts were inspired by her invisible presence and inspiration. (which I could see only when looking back) Yeah, it took me sometime to be able to put down in words what she is to me…but the time is now to give a deep bow to the best friend of mine. It might inspire you to thank your best friend, too. [Note: this is ain’t any business blog post and if you don’t like emotional read don’t bother to click on continue reading] [Read more…]


Hey SCG,

this post will be off the grid from business or marketing or social media or anything related to it. What will it be about? I have decided to share with you excerpt from my journal. If you have any prejudices towards emotional flow of thoughts – this post is NOT for you. You better stick with some fact based, rational posts -> there are plenty of them out there in blogoshpere. But if you are willing to open up and you care to  listen to personal thoughts of person you know (a bit)  – me -> then go ahead. Enjoy my unusual philosophical/emotional shipment. [Read more…]

What’s up #IS? -> “The Times They Are A Changing”

Hello SCG,

yes, it is me Ivana. Yes, I am alive;-)

 I know it has been some time since we have heard from each other via blog post on #IS and now is the time to touch base again. Events of past weeks/months were too overwhelming for me and I am still processing them with my full being. Only thing I can assure  you is that I am shipping like never before.I still cannot find my own words to articulate what is going on, so I will let master Bob Dylan to help me with it…Enjoy!

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About Power of One Re-Tweet or How I met ____

Hello SCG,

greetings from Dubai. Last night I took another leap of faith, I followed my heart, I hopped on a plane and thanks to that -> another life-transforming miracle took place on my journey. What miracle? (again?!) Why did I bother to come over to U.A.E.? Carry on reading -> this shipment is  an example/true story for you that, ordinary can meet, talk and inspire extraordinary. Trust me, you can! [Read more…]

Did You Know That Doing Nothing Can Get You Things Done?

Hello SCG,

you might be surprised by a title of this shipment, especially when it is written in a place, where doers meet. How the heck can it be good for you to do nothing? How can you get something done, while being idle? Are you not suppose to sweat and ship and work hard, day in day out? Yes and no. Please allow me to share with you, why it is damn important to do nothing and what a hard and important work it is. [Read more…]

The One & Only Question You Better Know Your Answer(s) For

Hey SCG,

greetings from my remote shipping office  (not my parent’s house anymore, but now it is one public place), which means there are possibilities to interact with other people, too -> which is great for me and you as well -> how come? It is thanks to  a chance confront opinions with other folks and then getting food for thought.

Today was one of those days, when I have articulated one very important lesson for everyone who truly want to do stuff and make things happen -> so, if you are a doer, (no, you don’t need to own iPad or Ray Ban shades for that!) -> I want you to work on getting kick ass answers for this question…. [Read more…]

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