Please meet SCG Vol.5 + Call to Action: #ISlunch

Hello SCG,

believe it or not, today we have crossed another milestone in #IS history. I has been two and half years ago, when I have blogged here for the first time. It has been an incredible ride and I would like to thank everyone who was on it with me. There are 68 new peeps in our SCG, who left comment on #IS and engaged in conversation. Are you among SCG-ers? Congrats! Not yet? It is easy, just talk to us and share your thoughts in comments. Curious who is in SCG? Jump right on SCG Vol. 5 slide-deck, which was composed with generous help of #IS readers: @SidraQasim and @FranzMilec. Those who truly care, check link with my call to action for upcoming 7 days: #ISlunch.

View it directly on slideshare.

Today is exactly two and half years since I started (unknowingly) building SCG & NGLS tribes.  Even tough my “lizard brain” is screaming out loud, I am ignoring it and I am putting my skin out there. SCG, I am calling you to act ->

Find out why I am calling you to act and what is -> #ISlunch

SCG, I simply thank you, that you exist and that you care!

with respect,

– is


  1. Hi Ivana

    Best Wishes for the journey ahead. Wishing you many more shipments and inspirational moments.

    Keep sharing the joy!

  2. Thanks for your shipments and chance for all to be part of #SCG. It is Proud and fun se my face inside 🙂


  3. gr8

  4. Thank you Ivi, great work

  5. tomasgriger says:

    Congrats Ivana, you brought together a bunch of very inspiring people. Let’s keep it growing…


  1. […] of all thank you for your generosity and for taking #IS for virtual lunch & celebrating two and half years of shipping for #IS. Today I have a special treat for you -> interview with the world’s best pediatric […]

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