Impact of a powerful sneezer or how to have the busiest day on blog.

Hello SCG,

it has been over a week since I was ‘digesting’ online attention and new folks around our #IS blog. What was the reason for it?-> One of the most powerful sneezer in the blogosphere mentioned latest #IS shipment = blog post on here and here. “Who the heck is a sneezer?”, you might be asking.What caused #IS to have the busiest day in its 2 and half years long history?”, you might be curious to know, but most importantly, you might be pondering, “How can this story help you to be talked about/linked by a powerful influencer in your field? If, so then read on.I have been talking about concept of “sneezing” = spreading word already in August 2010, to refresh -> let me repeat definition of a sneezer.

Who is a sneezer?

Sneezers are people, who are more likely to tell their friends about a great new idea. These people are the heart of the ideavirus. Identifying sneezers is a key success factor for idea merchants.

(Seth Godin)

What caused #IS to have the busiest day in its 2 and half years long history?

This two mentions by Seth Godin: 1. on his Domino Project web & 2. e-book page for Stop Stealing Dreams manifesto, caused that thousand of new people found out about #IS.

How to be talked about by a powerful influencer in your field?

Here are my 2 cents of advice, how to make it happen:

:: Ship your art with persistence. Show up regularly.  Get your hands dirty. Simply leave behind visible shipments.

:: Get  in touch with top thinkers, shakers, leaders and doers in your field. Connect with them sincerely.

:: Have infinite patience. You will be invisible and ignored for a long time.

:: Don’t expect to be found or picked. Pick yourself and share your art.

:: Carry on shipping, so those who discovered you after a sneeze, will have a reason to come back.

:: Rinse and repeat, because one is never done…

Good luck.


have you identified sneezers in your field? Are you in touch with them? Have you built relationship with them? Who are they? Are you a sneezer yourself? Do you help to spread ideas, shipments, projects and art of others? Share with us examples how you do it.

Back at ya.

with respect,

– is

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