Question Of The Week #47

Hiya SCG,

today I would like to ask you:

Do you keep diary/journal of yours?

If yes, for how long and how often do you write into it? If not, why not?

See you in comments.



  1. Interesting one, I do know of a few folks who do ;). I guess it is a very personal choice of documenting thought, feeling and events. As for me the only journal i keep is that for ideas, that too a soft copy

  2. Hi.
    I don’t keep a journal. I guess it’s because of my low level of discipline to write in it daily/weekly – it’s the same why I still do not run my blog…
    But I guess I will start to take ACTIONS based on your questions – starting today my journal. It will definitely push me to think over my day and direction more regularly…


  3. I don’t yet any formal one, this is because of my powerful memory to keep important turns of life in mind very well.

    But now I’m writing back on a soft copy. Some things were/are too beautiful to be written. -W

  4. Hello,
    Your question has reminded me that I have a diary which I have never been used for a year. Feeling time to use it :-).

  5. Cusrow j. Dubash says:

    No I do not keep a diary or journal. Never have and don’t intend to in the future as well. Let bygones be bygones. Life needs to move on. Memories are in the head to be relished as necessary.

  6. Hi:)
    I don’t keep a journal.Why? I agree with Marek and I have to write that the reason why I don’t keep a journal is that I haven’t a discipline to write in it daily/weekly… But when I was younger I’ve kept one and it was great, so….I have to re-value my attitude. 🙂
    Have a great week guys 🙂

  7. Hi there,

    I always write my diaries when i go on a vacation which is two times a year or even less , cos i do unusual things, i mean things i don’t do often in my normal life .. it’s a good way to remeber those things though .. I don’t see a point of writing my diaries everyday, cos my life right now is very boring .

    • 😉 Hey,
      and what about transforming your usual days into a vacation like blast?;-)
      you can do great things no matter of place and time, you just need to decide so!;-)

  8. I keep a daily insights journal where I log my “ah-has”, interesting finds, and thoughts.

    It serves me well and periodically I review it to take a scan back through my lists of distinctions and little learnings — they all add up in the end.

  9. Hi,

    I daily think to write my thoughts and about my previous life but something stops me to do this which is what others will think about it if I’ll die, people will laugh at my thoughts or praise.

    • Hi Sami,
      if I may say something about your worry: “people will laugh at my thoughts”:
      come on, you should not worry about what people think of you when you are alive, not talking about total nonsense fear of what people say about you when you will die…?!
      remember you are who you are and no matter what you will do some people will not agree with you, never ever try to please everybody. you don’t need approval from people to know you true value. you must know it and be proud of it, true friends and people who care will see it too and that matters.
      please, write your journal and let your heart speak up.

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