[Guest] Khalil Aleker:”#IS has changed me, and you?”

Hellooooo SCG!

Welcome in 2012. Welcome at #IS again. Welcome.

This is 251st post on #IS and first one in 2012.

It was not written by me, but by one of you, by Super Cool Gang-er.

Enjoy dose of inspiration by shipper and SCG – er, Khalil from South Africa.

Find out how and why this spontaneous blog post /shipment took place .

It has all started with Khalil’s innocent comment on my Facebook status -> ‘poor’ Khalil did not know, that it will get him work to do. ->( Note: Well, that happens when you talk to me -> you either ship what you talk about -> lead by example in fixing what you don’t like or do not disturb me with your whining.) See its documentation bellow.

Here is the result of our Facebook exchange -> ladies & gentlemen, let me introduce you Mr. Khalil Aleker (@khalilaleker) and his confession about #IS and more.


Khalil Aleker About Joining #IS

I joined #IS and #Super Cool Gang in May 2010 after I met Ivana via Twitter.

Ivana is one of the most inspiring people I have not met in person (yet).  

Since “meeting” her I have collected courage and I have started my own company (part-time for now) -> www.procliviti.net, which focuses on Social Media Training & Consulting. It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions, sacrifices and challenges but very rewarding too.

I am happy, that I could find plenty of inspiration for getting started right here at #IS blog.

How #IS Changed Me…

#IS community has taught me to be receptive to change, to love people you don’t know and love people you know even more. I learned that nothing is impossible. I started to take the risks in life/career and more importantly to share without expecting anything in return.

I analyzed and summarised Ivana’s tweets for the past month. This alone is inspiring.

Summary of Ivana Sendecka Tweets between 12 Dec 2011 – 12 Jan 2012

  • Thank You
  • Getting Ready
  • Shipping
  • Sheltered
  • Great meeting you
  • Shukran
  • See you
  • Grateful
  • Lovely place
  • Will come back
  • How you doing?
  • Amazing Job/Work
  • Staying hungry J
  • Pretty inspiring
  • I am confident
  • Positive vibes
  • Changing
  • Yay
  • Cool
  • Buzinga
  • Awesome
  • Welcome
  • 🙂

Dear fellow SCG-ers, I have one question for you:

Has #IS changed you? Tell me (us) in few words how IS has changed you?

Keep shipping!

– Khalil


Thank you, Khalil for this precious shipment. It is always great to see and feel the impact of one’s art. 

One last note to you, SCG-ers and everyone who is reading this shipment from me:

Remember -> You Are Enough!




  1. Way to step up there, Khalil.
    Ivana has inspired many of us to get up and ship. Thank you for sharing your story.

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