Hello 2012, Meet #Digital #Nomads

Hello SCG,

I am back! Year of Dragon has started two days back and so shipping for #IS. Geez, how much I missed you…I have been going through very transforming, hectic and emotional times. Now is the time to start capturing lessons learned from all those experiences. I believe that by sharing it with you and starting a conversation about it, can make all of us better shippers. So, here we go -> first post in 2012 was collaboratively created by #IS  and inspired by interview, which I have given for prestigious Slovak business magazine earlier this month.

Digital Nomads. Who Are They?

They master their art.

They totally love what they do.

They often have no formal education in their craft.

They learned their skills by doing it not by studying it.

They know that failing often is natural for learners and doers.

They move from place to place according projects they work on.

They refuse to salute to status quo, but they have huge respect towards doers.

They prefer to work for cause rather than for big bucks.

They know that being remarkable in shipping their art will be paying them big bucks one day.

They ask loads of questions and their favorite question is: “Why?”

They cannot stand routine, it kills their creative spirit.

Their motivation is to create impact by their art and change things for better.

They inspire others around them by their own example.

They do emotional labor, which shakes souls and makes people reflect, un-learn, change, improve, evolve…

They build real lasting relationships.

They collaborate and help other nomads they worked with.

They recommend each other to clients.

They promote self-respect as the core value for sustainable business, life and world.

They care. They care a lot…

How Can You Find Them?

Do you find above characteristics attractive? Do you wonder where can you find these folks, who ship their craft? Answer is simple -> Google. Google their name, their art, their projects… Check their Twitter stream. See their website and blogs. They leave traceable digital footprints in the world. They have a long history of their journey captured online. This cannot be faked. You can see how their craft was developing over the years. You can see how they started and where it got them now. They are known and remembered by those who they worked with. They build reputation…

Reputation and Relationship As Marketing Force

Digital nomads work only via recommendations. They don’t need to pay for banners, leaflets, SEO or ads. Their marketing is based on word of mouth. They consciously and intuitively build their network and trust with other shippers over the years. Clients talk about their art and shipments long time after their are gone from the site of appointment. Companies will want to work with you again. They tell their peers about experience when working with you. Digital nomad’s net worth will emerge and based on reputation and network they possess.

Bottom Line

  • Digital nomads are a new generation of skilled labor force -> they are location independent and they love what they do. They educate and transform their clients. They care…
  • You can find them by recommendation from other digital nomads or clients they worked with -> you can check quality of their shipments, testimonials and reputation by Google-ing them.
  • They have high code of conduct and their core value they build upon is (self) – respect. They are aware that their name and reputation is the only label they care about, because they know it will be with them for the rest of their lives.



what say you? Do you know anyone around you, who would has traits of digital nomad? Would you hire one? Would you want to be one? Are you already one?

I so cannot wait to read your comments on this new emerging alternative economy of digital nomads.

Till then keep shipping.

with respect,

– i & s.

P.S.: Yay, we are on Hacker News as well. Thanks for sneezing @Stiivi.


  1. Yes, indeed, to all your questions!

  2. Great introductory post to the digital nomads. However, are we ready for nomads? I’ve put together couple of notes here.

    • Very well done as-is analysis, Stiivi!
      Sharing it forward and I encourage SCG-ers to elaborate on questions you raised in comments on your blog.
      Thank you for shipping!


  1. […] and what impact we have created in this world. Maybe, just maybe we will start to appreciate art of digital nomads (again) and we will be making our world a better place also by being part of movements, which we […]

  2. […] was also shocked to find out that it was Bruce Chatwin who popularized those notebooks which every digital nomad possesses…FYI this is where original Moleskine notebooks came […]

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