Notes from the Best Book of 2012: “Daring Greatly” by @brenebrown

Daring Greatly

Hello SCG,

This is the title of the book which blew my socks off last September. It precisely sums up what I was up to in the last 6 months. I was and am daring greatly. (I will share with you more stories in this blog once I digest them, understand them and talk about them with those I love).

I trust you will enjoy these 48 quotes from Daring Greatly by @brenebrown and share some of them forward or even act on them.

Good luck!

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3 Lessons Learned During 3 Years of #IS Blog.

Hi hi hi my dear SCG,

believe it or not, on 17th September 2012  this blog reached another milestone on its journey. Three years ago was the first time I have posted a blog post in this digital space. Naive,   enthusiastic , fearless, driven,  a bit “I know it all”,   “let me save the world” Ivana  posted a video about quitting my job and with title “End, which got me to begin.” Indeed in 2009, closed a door on security, on predictability, on the beaten path of a 9 to 5 job  walked by too many before me.  I have jumped with a bliss of  ignorant  beginner into the world where those who really do the work  meet,  create and collaborate. I have learned how little I know about myself , about human nature and about the world out there.  It is three  years since I set out on the most exciting and difficult  times of my journey in this world.    I am insanely grateful for all  of you who crossed my path and who still walk beside me. Here are three main lessons, which  could wrap up   each year with Inspiring Shipments, NGLS and myself.  

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7 Things You Need to Know About Building A Movement

Hey SCG,

Let me tell you a secret: “I have been getting ready to write this post for almost 3 years…” I somehow feel in my gut that times which are approaching will give human race loads of space to reconsider how we worked, who we worked with and what impact we have created in this world. Maybe, just maybe we will start to appreciate art of digital nomads (again) and we will be making our world a better place also by being part of movements, which we care about instead of being part of purposeless mass. Even tough it will be  hard  times for nomads (thanks for insights Stiivi)  and for everyone else, it will certainly be interesting era of human history.

Guys, I am glad that today I can share with you what I have learned on my own skin within last 31 months… No fluff or definitions just eight paragraphs summing up what it takes to build a movement(s). [Read more…]

Hello 2012, Meet #Digital #Nomads

Hello SCG,

I am back! Year of Dragon has started two days back and so shipping for #IS. Geez, how much I missed you…I have been going through very transforming, hectic and emotional times. Now is the time to start capturing lessons learned from all those experiences. I believe that by sharing it with you and starting a conversation about it, can make all of us better shippers. So, here we go -> first post in 2012 was collaboratively created by #IS  and inspired by interview, which I have given for prestigious Slovak business magazine earlier this month. [Read more…]

[Guest] Khalil Aleker:”#IS has changed me, and you?”

Hellooooo SCG!

Welcome in 2012. Welcome at #IS again. Welcome.

This is 251st post on #IS and first one in 2012.

It was not written by me, but by one of you, by Super Cool Gang-er.

Enjoy dose of inspiration by shipper and SCG – er, Khalil from South Africa.

Find out how and why this spontaneous blog post /shipment took place . [Read more…]

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