#Shoes Matter! Have You Got Your @HometownShoes Yet?

Hiya SCG,

why all that noise about shoes? Isn’t it too materialistic to say that shoes matter? Isn’t it only image component? Well, there are three reasons why I am so obsessed with shoes. The first reason has roots all the way in my childhood; ever since I was a child I was taught (by both my grandparents and parents) that one should ALWAYS wear clean – high quality and polished shoes, because: [Read more…]

[Guest] Khalil Aleker:”#IS has changed me, and you?”

Hellooooo SCG!

Welcome in 2012. Welcome at #IS again. Welcome.

This is 251st post on #IS and first one in 2012.

It was not written by me, but by one of you, by Super Cool Gang-er.

Enjoy dose of inspiration by shipper and SCG – er, Khalil from South Africa.

Find out how and why this spontaneous blog post /shipment took place . [Read more…]

Waqas Ali: “How #IS Turned a Total Stranger Into a Friend”

Hello SCG, greetings from Pakistan!

You must be wondering what is Ivana Waqas doing here. Let me tell you.. As we all know #IS is about life, inspiration and real life experiences, so today I am invited to share with you my story. The story how I connected with Ivana and each one of you and how it has impacted me thousands of miles far away from Slovakia. [Read more…]

#IS Is In Search for … YOU, perhaps!;-)

Hello SCG,

the time has come, when I feel => which means I am sure, that I need your helping hand(s) and creative genius(es).

 What exactly do I need to help with? What is in it for you? Read on! [Read more…]

Tomáš Kuracina: “The Importance of Personal Development”

Hello SCG,

I am very happy that you, SCGers are enthusiastically submitting your articles/shipments into SCG-er for #IS category. Therefore, let me welcome on our inspiring stage -> our second guest. His name is Tomáš Kuracina & he is from Slovakia. <time for your applause>

[Read more…]

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