Tomáš Kuracina: “The Importance of Personal Development”

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I am very happy that you, SCGers are enthusiastically submitting your articles/shipments into SCG-er for #IS category. Therefore, let me welcome on our inspiring stage -> our second guest. His name is Tomáš Kuracina & he is from Slovakia. <time for your applause>

“The Importance of Personal Development”  by Tom Kuracina

Have you noticed how education and success are connected? And I don’t mean academic education here, I mean personal development. Do you think it’s an accident? Why is education so important? Does knowledge guarantee success?

There are many concerns that people may have about personal development. To me, the answers are quite logical. Education is foundation in moving from poverty to wealth. Both poverty and wealth are mindsets. By developing ourselves we develop our mindset as well. That’s the core issue of personal development.

It includes reading books related to personal growth in all areas of life, listening to CDs, mp3s, watching videos, attending events, doing what we are learning so that we gain experience. These are all ways of educating ourselves.

Did you ever wonder why there are so many people, who are not successful, even if they were full of dreams and desires when they were young?

Their only education was academic education, elementary school, high school, college and then…They grabbed their diploma, found a job and usually stopped the education process. Or what it worse, they have never started the process. Because, like Robert Kiyosaki says, “Academic education process is designed to prepare us to be good employees, where on the other hand personal development leads to prepare us for life, financial health and success.”

Every successful person would tell you, that education never stops, that we are learning whole life. So the fastest way to go & stay broke is to stop educating, stop growing personally. The reason for this is again the mindset. The one who stops educating himself stops developing his mindset, which results in stop moving towards success. And the generic rule of development is that you either move towards or move backwards, there is no such thing as stagnation.

Embrace the Rule of: Be – Do – Have

With utilizing personal development there are really no secrets of success. You can learn everything you need to know. If you want to be wealthy, you must learn, what wealthy people know. You must be wealthy person in your mind. It’s the mindset. Then you must do, what wealthy people do. Then you can have what they have. This is the be–do–have rule of development. You see, it all starts with mindset – which can be developed by personal education and development.

One of the greatest benefits of self development is that it boosts confidence. I didn’t believe this in the past. How can reading books build up my self-confidence? Well, once I have started the education process I saw the evidence. Let me give you what Jim Rohn says:

“If you would read one book a week, it will be 52 in one year. In ten years 520 books. You will fit in into the top 1% people within your field. You will be more motivated, you will have better education. You will become an expert in your field.”

That’s it for this article, now you might have better understanding of the importance of personal development in our lives. Even tough, I do believe that those who are reading Inspiring Shipments are already working on their personal development, are you we not? 😉


About Tom: I was born at very young age 😀 Then after short childhood I wasted 18 years in school, but fortunately along with it I have jumped on the personal development tour in 2004, which is what this article was about. Then in 2008 I have discovered a whole new world of online marketing and how businesses are running on the internet, which become my passion & another area of studying. I am a huge car enthusiast! (which is obvious from choice of my profile picture). Here I am on Facebook & Twitter.



what is your take on personal development & its importance in our lives? What are other pros of self-education for you apart from those mentioned by Tom? How did undertaking a personal development path changed you or those around you?

Over to you, now.


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  1. Peter Csík says:

    Hello Tom, what does a success mean to you?

    • Tomas Kuracina says:

      Hi Peter, for me personally success means to chase and achieve my goals, which are combination of material things, financial freedom, relationships and things I want to do.
      Of course everyone has his own explanation of his success.

  2. Rastislav Bednář says:

    This is really imortant. If you have a goals, 1 or 100 goals, the way of reaching them is so long to create another 1 or 10 goals. I mean, in fact you never reach your goals because they are constantly changing and developing to other goals. But important is go for it, want to reach your goals, important is that way, I mean, the WAY itself, to reach your goals, is IMPORTANT. 🙂

    • Peter Csík says:

      Hi Rastislav,

      in my opinion it is bullshit that you have posted. It does not make any sense at all. If the way itself is important, then there is no need for a goal, isn’t it?

      • Rastislav Bednář says:

        Hi, 🙂 I noticed in few your last comments, that you seems to be tough guy. 😀 Anyway, this is for long time discussion, I know that my words seemed to be so specific but not. I meant, that any goals you set up, never be the same (exactly) when you reach them. And the Way is really important because without the way you wouldn’t be able to reach any goals. That was main idea which I wanted to explain but as I said – It’s for longer talk, trust me 😉

        PS: If you want, you can join us with Ivana and Tomas sometimes and have a talk about these things (again if I good remember ;))

    • Tomas Kuracina says:

      Great addition Rasto, I absolutely agree with that

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