Question Of the Week #8

Hey SCG,

I trust you had an amazing last weekend of February & that you are ready to hit last month of Q1 2011 with your full creative force. I am a firm believer of “bodyguarding” one’s dreams, but in the same time I do know that no one has ever made it alone, therefore 8th #QOW is:

Who would YOU like to collaborate with on your projects/dreams/adventures/ideas? (note: there are no limits whatsoever for picking your dream team accomplice(s) “in crime” )


who would love to work with? Why did you pick people you have picked? Why are they so remarkable & desirable for you to collaborate with? Have you ever tried to reach them out in real life? If yes, how did it go? If not (yet), what is stopping you from doing so?

Back at you now!


P.S.: Alex Bogusky has just launched a new platform & collaborative brand called COMMON and their tag line is: “Collaboration is the new competitive advantage.” > so, we better start building our teams of like minded creative futurist & shippers, NOW!

Just sayin’


  1. Great question like always,

    For me, I have privilege of already working with Balal and  at SMart and MarekZuzana and You at #IS.

    They reason these people are remarkable because, they stopped complains and have courage to do something which everyone around says is impossible. Yes I look forward to meet you, Zuzu and Marek in person at my earliest. Believe me you guys are as important to me to be included in my dream team.

    I also want to work with my friends Russell Smith in India and Scott Gould in UK or Middle East someday very soon. They are remarkable friends.

  2. Richard Branson always comes to mind. He has good energy and pushes the envelope. It would definitely be a learning experience.

  3. diana silonova says:

    i actually get to collaborate with some cool/crazy ibmers. outside of my hood uff tough one i would want to pick a motivational speaker coach…… as thats a venue i want to get in……..anyone you know let me know…… heh

    • Di, I simply love your love for IBM and your folks. I should fly over the ocean, to meet you guys;-)
      What is your favorite motivational speaker? Shoot some names of people you are inspired by. I do know some folks from this area, good things is that most of them are from U.S. so it would be easier for you to hook up with them for you, too.

      • diana silonova says:

        i love ibm……. i just do heh……. in terms of speakers hmmmmmmmm i dont get too impressed with anyone really.. i like obama’s speeches – maybe i should call his office? heh who are yours?

      • diana silonova says:

        actually i have 1 person -= Wise Young i just met him yesterday…… he is a stem cell guru and i just see myself somehow collaborating w him…lets see…

  4. Recently we’ve been adapting our online ProStar Coach service to fit the needs of teens. Quite a project, but a worthy one, considering that adolescents need all the help they can get.

    So I’d like to collaborate with David Walsh, Ph.D., psychologist and author of the book, “Why Do They Act That Way?” It’s the best book about the teen brain and behavior, in my opinion. I’ll reach out to him soon and see what happens 🙂

    • Hi Denny,
      applause for launching new part of your ProStar Coach service.

      I have not read David Walsh (yet), so I guess I should pick this book up to be in the picture;-)
      Have you ever tried to contact Mr. Walsh?

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