Question Of the Week #36

Hiya SCG,

here I am. Back with you. Let’s warm up our connection with question of the week, which is:

“Who is your favorite athlete and why?”

I must confess, that my all time favorite is Michael Jordan and now he is ‘threatened’ by Tony Parker. Why? I simply love basketball…and will always do.

Hope you are doing great and that you used IS shipping break for your own self- transformation! You and I needed a break to digest many things, I think…

Love and light to you -> see you and your sport heroes in the comments.


[Poll] Question Of the Week #23

Hello SCG,

as I have read lately that -> 70% of purchasing decisions are made after consultations with family or friends. So, I am no different in this aspect (however I am way too different in many others) -> that is why I am asking you my friends family -> question bellow. Go, vote now! 😉 [Read more…]

Question Of the Week #22

Hey SCG,

I guess it is time to get back on track with Question Of the Week series, isn’t it?;-) This time I am curious to know:

If your house/room/flat/cave/tent -> simply place where you stay, is burning (God forbid!) what would you take with you from it? [Read more…]

Question Of the Week #16

Hey SCG,

let’s us get back on #IS track with Question Of The Week series as well. This #QOW was inspired by one true story from my consulting times, but about it later. Now, I am curious to know:

Do You Have NOT To-Do List? [Read more…]

Question Of the Week #10

Hey my dear SCG,

I trust you had a fabulous week and that you made something remarkable happen. You must have noticed loads of Seth Godin(ess) on Inspiring Shipments lately, haven’t you? If not (yet) you can catch up here & here. My intention was to “get you ready ” for 10th Question Of the Week, which is:

What question, just one question would you ask Seth Godin, if you had a chance to speak to him for 2 minutes?

[Read more…]

Question Of the Week #9

Hey SCG,

how are you doing? It is great to be back after 7 days offline (more on lessons learned from offline detox later). This week’s question was inspired by just concluded TED 2011 Conference. So, I’d love to ask you:

What would be YOUR 18 minutes long TED talk about? [Read more…]

Question Of the Week #8

Hey SCG,

I trust you had an amazing last weekend of February & that you are ready to hit last month of Q1 2011 with your full creative force. I am a firm believer of “bodyguarding” one’s dreams, but in the same time I do know that no one has ever made it alone, therefore 8th #QOW is:

Who would YOU like to collaborate with on your projects/dreams/adventures/ideas? (note: there are no limits whatsoever for picking your dream team accomplice(s) “in crime” )

[Read more…]

Question Of the Week #7 is Dismissed…

Hey SCG,

I would like you to excuse me from  shipping for upcoming days. Sometimes there is time, when moments with those you love are too precious to be missed & such times are here now…

Till then, be well.

Love you all.


Question Of the Week #6

Hello SCG,

I trust you had a magical weekend & you too are awaiting new day/new week/new chance to make difference with great eagerness, too. More over, tomorrow is a Valentine’s day, therefore I would like to ask you:

What would your perfect day looks like? [Read more…]

Question Of the Week #5

Hiya SCG,

I suspect some of you might have noticed, that I went into online silence since Friday; reason for that was a kind of flu attack, which was visiting me for couple of days.

So, this week’s question for you is:

How do you deal with illness? [Read more…]

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