Question Of the Week #36

Hiya SCG,

here I am. Back with you. Let’s warm up our connection with question of the week, which is:

“Who is your favorite athlete and why?”

I must confess, that my all time favorite is Michael Jordan and now he is ‘threatened’ by Tony Parker. Why? I simply love basketball…and will always do.

Hope you are doing great and that you used IS shipping break for your own self- transformation! You and I needed a break to digest many things, I think…

Love and light to you -> see you and your sport heroes in the comments.



  1. Hmm I will be black sheep but Im not interested in sports. But my hero-s are all para-olimpionics. They don’t cry in the corner and fighting for they new dreams. Specialy slovak have lot of Gold Medals.

  2. Welcome back Ivana

    My favourite athlete is, Wasim Akram, who is considered as one of the best bowlers in the history of cricket. I also like Mohammad Ali too.

  3. My favourite climber is Chris Sharme…. numer one in big-walls climbing.. :))

  4. My favortie is Ivana Sendecka, because her running have a heart 😉

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