Welcome 2011 & Super Cool Gang Vol. 4

Hiya SCG!

I am excited to start new year 2011 with a warm welcome to Super Cool Gang Vol.4! I trust you had a great holidays and you are charged up to ship your art, which makes difference,too.

Guys, let’s meet 4th batch of readers who left comment on #IS !

View this slide-deck on directly via slideshare.net



reach out to our newcomers; connect with SCG-ers no matter of Volume ; read their books; get inspired! Collaboration, sharing and communication between true shippers (not talkers) is what will change our world for better. We need each other, I need you…

I (I.S.) and Inspiring Shipments (#IS) are ready for 2011.

Are you?

Let’s ship and spread great ideas around globe.


P.S.: Did not you see yourself among SCG-ers? Want to be there in Vol. 5? You know what to do: join #IS in comments and share your insights with us & world.


  1. It’s nice to walk through the many faces and diversity of the community.

    • It’s nice to have you walking through SCG slide-deck!
      Much appreciated.
      And it is also great to start new year of 2011 comments section with your entry, J.D.!!!

  2. Cool presentation Ivana. Its great to see you have so big international community around you.

  3. Yeeey, it feels really supercool to see my face there 🙂 U just made my day Ivka!
    Looking forward to all your next inspiring shipments and I am absolutely sure I want to be a part of it. Keep up the great work.

    Sending new year’s greetings from Amsterdam. Let’s make this year incredible 🙂


    • Yay, Adka!
      I am so delighted to witness your exctiment!
      I am totally happy to have you among us.
      Greetings to Amsterdam and indeed, have a kick-ass 2011!
      Stay inspired and spread the word about #IS.

  4. Great to see how you have built a wonderful community where members come from very diverse background. Three cheers for that!

    Tanmay Vora

  5. I always look to your posts and this one is really cool. One day I will know Ivana is Head of Super Cool Inspiring Mafia….:D

    • Salam Faraz,
      greetings to Kuwait!
      Inspiring Mafia sound pretty cool to me! 😉 Who knows, what future will bring?;-)
      Keep on reading #IS & please spread the word.

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