2010, What a “Helluva” Year! What Did You Ship in 2010?

Hiya SCG,

I believe most of you must have already read today’s blog post by Seth Godin & his shipping review in 2010. I have decided to do the same and write down 2010 shipments. So, here they are black on white:


I have delivered 7 original talks with “out of scratch created concepts” supported by slide-decks (click on links bellow)

#1 Conducted training at National Career Day  – >  On Networking 2.0

#2 Had speech for students from Sucany Alumni high school, introducing the Future concept ->  Are You Ready For the Future?

#3  Delivered workshop for students & teachers from Sucany Alumni again, this time on topic-> On School 2.0

#4 Chaired first and one and only Linchpin meet up in Slovakia

#5 Premiered on international grounds at Webpreneur University in Dubai with talk -> Professional Presentation Design

#6 Took part on National AIESEC Conference with a keynote speech -> What Does It Mean to Be AIESEC-er?

#7 Gave a talk for Faculty of Management Students working for PRC (NGO) -> What If?

Online Shipping Left Behind Me Following Dents in the Universe:

167 blog posts for #IS ; including 40  video blogs (over 4 hours of talking)

– 3 slide-decks introducing Super Cool Gang Vol. 1 , Vol. 2 & Vol. 3 (note: Vol.4 is cooking!)

– Created brand new  Website for NGLS (Next Generation Leaders of Slovakia) project;  Thanks for help Websupport, guys! (We have 22 days to go till 2nd NGLS conference, yay!)

I Have Been  Blessed with Life-Changing Offline Face to Face Meetings With Following Heroes of Mine :

– I spent quality time with my parents + had great mum& daughter time, when I secretly prepared a surprise for my mum and arranged for us one week stay in Dubai

– I traveled to Tehran to meet Mohammed from Iran, whose family invited me for a visit after reading a blog post I wrote about Mohammed

– Another leap of faith was taken, when I hopped on a plane to meet Prof. Srikumar Rao who I had a privilege to talk to over delicious lunch in London. Prof. spiced up our already spicy lunch by hooking me up with Drayton Bird – direct marketing guru, who I have met the same day – 15th Sept that is.

– During my second trip to London, I have finally met Emmanuel Gobbilot, who I have “met” for the first time via Youtube watching his talk at Google one and half year back. Emmanuel met me for two cups of coffee & we had awesome conversation.

Prof. Rao has introduced me via email to Alex Kjerulf or Chief Happiness Officer. Coincidentally he was speaking in Bratislava, so we made it for lunch and Alex agreed to give live interview for #IS (gosh, how nervous I was to shoot 1st live video interview)

The Greatest “Pat On My Back” For All The Sweat I have Been Putting In For Last 18 Months Was Featuring My Personal & NGLS’s Story In a Book:

The Truth About Leadership by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner

Oh, my

2010 what a year…

The best ever!

Note: All of the above happened, when my official status in society is unemployed!

I gave, I will give and I am giving to shipping my all.

What a ride, that is!;-)

2011 Bring It On!


beyond any measure are relationships and the spirit of your presence; your feedback, your comments and support, which kept me going; no matter how loud was voice of my lizard brain and voices of all nay-sayers. I am totally grateful you are with me on this journey, I would not be able to do it alone. Thank you!



P.S.: Share with us in comments your list of the great things you have done in 2010.


  1. #1 Shared a lot of love.
    #2 Have a good fight.

  2. #1 I fight myself (i thougth there are some hills I cant climb but, actually… Im higher that they are)
    #2 I set up really great group of girl scouts…and they make me be proud of them
    #3 Im still on school 🙂
    #4 I help some of dreams(not only mine) come true
    #5 I was here for my friends all the time 🙂
    #6 I was myself


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