2010, What a “Helluva” Year! What Did You Ship in 2010?

Hiya SCG,

I believe most of you must have already read today’s blog post by Seth Godin & his shipping review in 2010. I have decided to do the same and write down 2010 shipments. So, here they are black on white: [Read more…]

Question Of the Week #51 + Announcement

Hiya SCG,

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas time & you are ready to get back on “shipping” track. This week’s question was suggested by Marek Lutz (thank you Marek!):

“Do you create any personal reviews at the end of the year? Can we somehow meaningfully use this event “end of the year ” as inspiration for future or it is just another date in calendar?[Read more…]

Have a Fascinating XMas 2010

Hello SCG,

have a joyful time with your loved ones and be sure, that you will create fascinating times mainly by your presence not only by presents!😉

Enjoy freshly made for you>>> xmas_card from #IS.


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