Question Of the Week #38

Hiay SCG,

I had no idea what the 38th Question Of the Week will be but I trusted the process that it will “hit me” when I will need it. It did! When I was walking to a downtown of Bratislava in order to find a coffee shop with running wi-fi, I have met along the way many people asking for money. (beggars, homeless people, street artists, etc.) So, my question to you today is:

Do you donate money?


When was the last time you have donated any money? What was the cause when you did so? How did you feel about it? Would you do it again?If you have never done that, what would have to convince you to give away your hard-earned cash?

I am curious to hear your take.

See you in comments, folks!



  1. Well, that’s a good question 🙂
    Personally, i don’t donate money cos i don’t have any income, but my father donates money, not just because a lot of poor people live in my city but because it’s an imposition for all Muslims who have money ..

    • Salam my friend!
      That is excellent that you have sharing your wealth with others in your culture. Yes, I do remember it from my times in Dubai, how generous people are and especially during Ramadan and Eid times. Excellent! Say hi to your Dad!

  2. Hello Ivana,
    Mostly I do this. Lastly I gave money to a small child working with a vendor along the roadside. The child was making golgappy for us (Its a spicy eatable thing),dnt know what to say it in english :-).Then his master came and told us that I was asking a man why he scolded this child when he asked for payment of what he ate.He told us that the man was drunk and he abused the child too.Further he told this child is from poor family and getting education too but works on Sunday. I was so impressed by the child and the master that I could not stop myself to give some money to the child to buy something for himself.
    I am excited to know your story too 😉
    have a great day.

    • Hiya Sid,
      thank you for sharing this touching story with us! What about spending some time with this child and teach him English or share your knowledge with might be useful for him?Just an idea.

      And what about my story?
      Well, I have learned what does it mean to be generous from my parents and that was deeply rooted in me. When I was in Dubai and was lucky to have a job which paid my more I needed I was supporting my family back home, I was also helping with some small cash to the office boys and helpers from my office, who were drawing very little salary. So, whenever they went home for holiday or needed support to get their driving license I was there…
      I don’t like talking about it much, as I think it was very normal and it should not be a cause for bragging or something.
      So I am quiet now…
      Back to work so I can share with you & SCG the most precious thing I have: me, my heart and soul;-)

  3. Hello Miss Ivana,

    I rarely do this, bcz i’m an Engineering Student and living in hostel,and u know Engineer’s life is so miserable…. Last time I gave money to Flood Victims in Pakistan through my University Camp… Me and my friends , we r the representatives of our university , started campaign for victims due the flood disaster in Pakistan. When we reached at the affected areas we saw many of children with no clothes . And also the womens there were also nudes.. This is the embarrassing moment of my life… (Cont…)

  4. I donate for years 🙂 Via “Dobry anjel” (Good Angel) to man suffering from cancer. Via Special Basic School in Martin (SVK) to handicapped children summer camp. And I also donate the university student (pocket money) from foster home (she never met her parents). Cause to donate? I got a chance, they not; they suffer, me not; I have, they not. Feelings? Unbelievable emotional enrichment; they are fighting against their destiny; they are holding me on land politely; they discover unknown and admirable dimension of life 🙂

    What was the cause when you did so? How did you feel about it? Would you do it again?

    • Yay, Dusan! Welcome to SCG!;-) Thanks for joining our conversation!;-)
      I am glad to see how active you are at helping front! That is super cool, indeed!
      You are setting excellent example in Slovakia, I trust more people will follow!

  5. What a big question! Well – donating to organizations you read or hear about or you trust – that´s one thing, but what when somebody just comes up to you and asks?
    Well – I have to admit, in most of the cases, I say: “no, sorry”. (which I think in most cases this ist the right way)
    But there were people, where I gave.. and maybe I said “merry christmas” or so. Special cases, where my heart said “yes”.
    I think, that´s the way, life goes.
    Actually – I am not sure, if I answered any of the questions, but let me pick up on the 2nd to last one: “Would you do it again?”
    YES: I would always do it, when my heart says yes..

    • Hiya Thomas!
      First of all, welcome to SCG!;-)
      Thanks for your 1st comment.
      Yay, I am delighted to hear your loud YES to giving and sharing;-)
      That’s the spirit we (Super Cool Gang-ers) believe in.
      I agree on the point, that “supporting” someone who just give out hand and do nothing is also not my way of support. When I see genuine effort and value he/she tries to give, then I will gladly say YES, too.

  6. Hey 🙂
    Well, I have the same “system” as Thomas mentioned – organizations or officially recognized groups are OK, but random walk-byes on the street very seldom, though sometimes I do that as well.
    Last time I donated was for purpose of “Run for life” – an activity of cancer research association that is here in Slovakia for couple of years. How it feels – it feels on one hand good, as I know I am helping the purpose, on the other hand, I know I could do much more than that little of money…
    Enjoy the day!

    • Thanks for sharing your experiences Marek!
      And I cannot wait to hear your stories, when you will tell how, how did you contribute in ” non-monetary” way.
      You might want to hook up with Frances, she does share her expertise with non-profits. (that could be a way), more over I will need help with NGLS;-)
      Are you game?;-)

  7. I give my time and expertise to a couple of charity projects. Rather than money.

    I feel compelled to do this because I see things that need doing.

  8. arjan tiessen says:

    good question!
    not just because I donate but it opens the way for the question: what do you give.
    I like the principle of (NL) or (ENG)
    let’s all donate 1 percent of our knowledge, money and time. and let’s get poverty out of the system.
    The club is a platform of demand and supply of open, transparant projects which you can help by donating what you have. a wonderful principle I think.

    so yes I donate: giving and taking is (part of) life. and it feels norma actually: as it should be.

    • Hey Mr. Arjan!
      great to see you here!;-)
      I loved the most a part where you said: it feels normal!
      Indeed, compassion and generosity are in our DNA, we are just trained to ignore these natural traits of human nature.
      Keep on being normal, my friend!

      • Arjan Tiessen says:

        yes for sure.
        actually helping feels better than not helping. Everybody should try it and feel good 🙂

  9. I actually donated last week to the “hersenstichting” (brain foundation). Good thing to have research on that in my opinion. Mostly good causes like the cancer foundation and things like that, but never to religious causes or beggars.

    No offense to the beggars, but just holding out a hand doesnt do it for me (sorry). Trying to get money by delivering work (chores) would be better. Or giving away a tapdance show or whatever (in Rotterdam there is this guy selling street magazines who sings all day long and opens the V&D door for you….).

    • Hi Reinder!
      It is so super cool to see you here;-) Welcome to SCG, too!
      I agree, it should be like that: you give, because someone gave too. It should not be, just “take” strategy (as beggars do nothing just sit in front of their hat).

  10. Waqas Ali says:

    I do it often, not just by money but mostly my time & expertise to different org. and helping individuals to get better.

    In future, I plan to do it at large scale.

  11. The assumption in giving is that the need of the person for the resource in question is higher than the person who is recieving it. I do admit that some of the driver for my giving is my socio-religious background . I work with a few voluntary organisation in my home country, one of them is a micro finance intiative.
    Will I do it again, most likely 🙂

    • Hello Anish!
      Welcome to Inspiring Shipments, I am grateful for your first comment! Yay.

      That is awesome, that you are actively involved in helping those in need in your mother-land. Thumbs up and keep on doing what you doing.

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