Which 5 Questions Can Save You Loads of “Biz-ache”?

Hiya SCG,

I have decided to “paint” this shipment for YOU after “spending” time with Drayton Bird firstly face to face in London, then via his DVD over the last weekend. But final decision to ship and paint following slide deck was nailed yesterday, after watching one hour long free webinar by Drayton >>> I was so charged up that I had to share Drayton’s art with you.hoover tube with them 😉 > I hope result will be worth it.

Here we go:


Did you like what you have seen? Can you apply 5 W questions in your marketing-business efforts? Do you have your 5W answers? Do you have any other suggestions for questions which can be helpful when solving business problems?

Share it with us!


P.S.: Your comments for Question Of the Week #37 made me weep few times. Thank You!


  1. Hello Ivana.
    These all five are very important questions for businesses. If you truly say, all trainings to entrepreneurs is around these Questions. I am also trying to find latest answers of these questions.I am glad you have shown us a very good way to find the answers.
    just registered for the Webinar. Ready to learn more :-).
    Thanks for the great help.

    • Hiya SCG Queen! 😉

      I am happy you too find, Drayton’s 5W questions useful and making loads of sense. Work out what your answers are and then just start shipping accordingly.

      Super cool, that you will attend the webinar, I trust you will like it. Spread the word and bring more people to soak all the information Drayton will give away for free!


  1. […] was plenty of detail in support, Orwell’s Six Rules For Writing, Bird’s 5Ws, headlines, copy length, captions, subverting clichés, selling the offer, the importance of […]

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