4 Very Important Questions Of the Week #37


today 19th of September, our blog Inspiring Shipments (#IS) has crossed a very important milestone in its existence.

#IS is one year and one day old! Yay!

So, my dear SCG, I would like to ask you very personal questions today:

Q #1

“How would you describe Inspiring Shipments to someone, who is not part of Super Cool Gang (= someone who has never commented on blog post = shipment) or someone who did not know about its existence?

Q #2

What would you tell her/him, why do you read Inspiring Shipments?

Q #3

What does, you being part of SCG (Super Cool Gang) means to you?

Q #4

Did YOU take any action, which resulted in change of your behavior, based on inspiration from Inspiring Shipments or from members of SCG?


I know above questions might require some thoughts and reflection from your side to answer them. But I simply trust you will dedicate couple of minutes of your time to share with us your answers on all 4 questions.

As I do give literally my all to shipping #IS. full time job> So, you answering those 4 questions would be like paying me a “virtual salary” for my work.

See you in the comments, guys.



P.S.: I will ship (within next couple of days) a special anniversary shipment, which will tell more about my gratitude to you for being around for last one year! Stay tuned!


  1. Hello,
    I will and I am telling people if you want to get inspiration to make any difference around you by following your heart with attaining the power to say yes to any difficulty, then you must visit IS.
    You know I am so much spreading your msg to my offline friends that whenever they call me they ask for you :-).
    I am really grateful what you are doing for me.You taught me to control my lizard brain. I am going ahead with spirit in charged by you.
    Thanks.Love you.

  2. I think SCG is exactly what it stands for, i.e super cool posts/shipments that not only inspires me but gives me practical examples of how to live life with everyday common-sense and application of the virtues.
    Being part of SCG is awesome coz of the priceless but free training/knowledge that I get from you:-) opening my eyes to the e-world and giving me a sense of belonging to this wonderful virtual family:-) 🙂 :-).
    Through SCG shipments I was inspired enough to follow in your footsteps and to be able to start two blogs.SCG direction has been pivotal in this entire process especially giving me direction.
    Thanks so Ivana much coz you have helped me more than you know:-)))))))))))
    and Happy Anniversary.

  3. Hey all! And happy birthday to #IS.

    To be honest, when I first heard from Ivana about #IS idea, I was another skeptic in the crowd – the idea of doing something like this blog and to make living and IMPACT this way was something impossible for me. Looks like I have been wrong. Why? Let the replies to my questions tell that to you:

    1. Description of #IS to a non-SCGer
    The Inspiring Shipment is a source of authentic happiness, inspiration and true story of how full devotion to an idea can make your life better. The stories and ideas shipped on this blog will change your world view – if you are open to that.
    2. Why do I read #IS?
    Because Ivana keeps the promise that is in the title – inspires me. I come to this url to get inspired by open heartness, happiness and full commitment.
    3. Why do I value the membership in SCG?
    Hm… interesting question. Two reasons: a/I feel the connection to the people in the gang, as I probably share the same interest and feelings when reading the blog as they do b/ I feel happy to return the favor to Ivana in form of supporting her and showing, that her work matters for me
    4. Action I took based on the #IS
    Small actions were reading/watching books/movies from Ivana’s MUST list.
    Bigger action is for me, that I finally got FINE with who I am and what I do and how I do it. And that was thanks to readings on this blog.
    Biggest action is yet about to come – I have idea of a similar blog/initiative in mind… it will still take some time.

    So to sum up:

    • Hiya Marek!
      I am so honored to read you comment.

      And I am proud to see your transformation from skeptic to being confident in your own abilities and talents!

      Honestly, you are the most pleasant surprise for me from SCG-ers. Witnessing your transformation was hell of an experience!

      I will keep shipping and I trust we can join our forces and we can collaborate on great things together in the future in our little Slovakia, which needs to be cheered up.

      Keep on rocking, Marek!

  4. Dear Ivana,
    all the best to your first birthday party. NGLS is for me a way how to change my life, an example that everything is possible when I have passion and energy to change my life. Your blog helps me……. to be better, to make my life different and happier. It is a great thing you do. Ivana is the greatest inspiration and their shipments are valuable, open hearted…I love them. I am pleased to be the part and to know other people from other coountries via NGLS. Thanks Ivana :-)))

    • Hello Lucia!

      I am happy to see you inspired, I am happy to see you expressing your emotions, it is very precious gift for me.

      I trust to see you in person on NGLS 2o10 (23-24 October)
      HUG and THANK YOU!

  5. Hey Ivana!

    1. I’d say your blog is a spot of an authentic effort in transmitting good vibes in an intelligent way. Not only that, but it also connects you with simple, basic and important ideas that people often tend to overlook. Also it’s an example of using modest resources to do something that feels promising, real and valuable.

    2. I’d tell them that I read it from time to time to feel in touch with this mindset. It reminds you that no matter where you are, there is going to be a gang of people that are friends of the way you mind likes to think.

    3. It feels like a mix of less alone with a pixel more universal than before. It also feels like “yes, you can!”

    4. Yes, we changed something! I’ve added comments to our blogs to make them more fun and connected in part because I’ve saw how you use it to connect yourself to your people. Hush hush, we’re are going to announce in a couple of days 🙂 It was hard to find the time to implement those but we are convinced that the power of connection will be worthy.

    happy birthday IS


  6. Happy Birthday to #IS. 😉

    1. Description of #IS to a non-SCGer
    The Inspiring Shipments is place where Great Things happen all the time and it inspires all (SCG) members to make a real difference in their life and people around. Ivana is the lady who is leading us to follow ourselves by an example.

    2. Why do I read #IS?
    Because it is about me (every person who wants to create WOW).

    3. Why do I value the membership in SCG?
    Networking, Confidence of being member of the great community, Ivana cares about us all.

    4. Action I took based on the #IS
    Stated following myself, Learnt to DO IT NOW! (started my business), Connected with great people from SCG, Motivated friends to get here and now many of them are here and positive.

    • Salam Waqas!

      I am simply grateful for your message. I am moved by the fact that you were inspired to take such important action as to start own business! Wow!
      You truly are WOW person to be around, too!

      Thank you for everything, my most loyal sneezer.
      I trust I will be able to visit you guys in Pakistan one day, inshallah!


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