About A Day When I Asked My Dad to Write A Blog

Ehm, hello SCG!

yeap, it is me! I am back & alive! 😉 You might have been wondering where did I & my shipping disappeared. Many of you sent me emails, reached out by SMS, called me, sent Facebook messages to my brother, left posts on my Facebook wall, some of you did not even hesitate to make a long distance calls to find out what has happened to me. Thank you for that! (you know, who did so) You have no idea what it means to me, that you have noticed/felt my absence & cared about my whereabouts. So, where have I been since 13th March? All right, grab your seat, shut down all the noise around you, because you are about to read (so far) the most personal shipment on #IS… Ready?

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Question Of the Week #9

Hey SCG,

how are you doing? It is great to be back after 7 days offline (more on lessons learned from offline detox later). This week’s question was inspired by just concluded TED 2011 Conference. So, I’d love to ask you:

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About One 1095 Days Long Transformative Journey

Hiya SCG,

I trust you will spare few minutes to stop yourself  in Christmas presents hunt to read this shipment. It will not be wrap-up of 2010 on #IS, nor list of New Year’s resolutions, nor a Christmas e-card. It will be a story, true story about 3 years long journey of surrendering to the pull of the heart’s calling. Step in!

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Why On Earth Did We Let Money Rule Our Earth?


I have been bumping into money related books, articles, blogs and videos recently a lot ; And you might agree with me, that with approaching  spending festive season of Christmas, availability of money in our wallets is gaining on its importance. Right? So, I have decided to share with some of those resources with you, which might get you thinking about concept of money, too.

[WARNING: this is one of the longest posts on #IS + ideas in it, might disturb your perception of the perfect world you thought, you live in. Read it at your own risk]  😉 [Read more…]

Emmanuel Gobillot:”I Need Ivana To Succeed and So Do You”

I.S. with Emmanuel Gobillot


yesterday I have experienced yet another miracle of my life, when I have got a privilege to personally meet Emmanuel Gobillot. Emmanuel has inspired me more than one year ago, when I have “met” him for the 1st time via his talk on Youtube at Google. Few hours after our yesterday’s meeting, I have lost words (see my tweet) from an email, which hit my inbox, in which Emmanuel asked me to post it on Inspiring Shipments, so I am doing so, now:

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Read Only If You Care About Inspiring Shipments + [Video]


thank you for your patience! I trust your waiting will be rewarded. Following slides are for YOU! This is the best way how I could express how much your presence means to me:

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One Shot Is What “It’s” All About

Hiya SCG,

inspiration to ship today’s post came from a movie The Deer Hunter, which blew me away. It made me truly think about the words of the main hero Michael (Robert de Niro), when he said: “You have to think about one shot. One shot is what it’s all about. A deer’s gotta be taken with one shot.”

You might be pondering, what is that inspiring in that quote, right? You are not a hunter anyhow, right? Please, allow me to share with you, what “hit” me straight into the core, when watching this must-watch movie.

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4 Very Important Questions Of the Week #37


today 19th of September, our blog Inspiring Shipments (#IS) has crossed a very important milestone in its existence.

#IS is one year and one day old! Yay!

So, my dear SCG, I would like to ask you very personal questions today:

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[Video] Statistics and Numbers, which matters!

Wohoooooo Folks, it is 6 months since birth of this blog (18th Sept 2009)

Today’s special video blog is about importance of numbers which truly matters. (at least for ME)

Rest is said here:

Let us ACT!



Well invested time in January 2010

First month of 2010 was also spiced up with 4 amazing books, which I was blessed by reading them. There were  two “story pieces” and two, I would call them “wisdom pieces.” [Read more…]

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