#IS Ambassadors Will Make Your Soul Jump For the 4th Time


I am delighted to be a messenger for our #IS Ambassadors & their blow of inspiration 2.0 for your upcoming weekend/days. Check out this week’s web picks by Waqas, Sidra and Zuzu for you. What did they pick for you this time? Mind-blowing TED talk, 2 stories from MIX = Management Innovation eXchange, video on being a Linchpin and much more. Step in! [Read more…]

How You Can Learn to Recognize Artists Around You?

Hiya SCG,

shipping emotional labor is pretty surreal term for majority of the people. Not a long time ago, I was not able to recognize doer/shipper from talker/pretender as well. Headhunters, HR departments cannot see what you have shipped and how emotionally you have labored through lines of your CV. Same it might be with your colleagues and bosses, when they wonder: “What’s her problem? Why is she not getting it done according that template, we have always used for many of our clients? Why does she bother to create new ppt. when that manual is already written in a word document? Why is she creating new slides for every speech she goes to, is it not less stressful to talk about slides from the last year, which she knows already by heart?”

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Question Of The Week #24

Hey SCG,

24th #QOW is an extension of the video post featuring Unusual Live CV.

How would you impress your potential employer, investor or business partner, if you could not use your resume?

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[Video] On Creativity (or when less is more)

Hi SCG (Super Cool Gang)

Enjoy the last LIVE shipment of Q1 2010! 😉

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Thank you “universe” for David Horvath

Thanks to Seth Godin’s post >>> today morning I have been blessed with reading one of the most  “super cool” interviews ever. It featured David Horvath in it.  Mind – blowing, breath-taking, down-to-earth story of one’s dream in action.

See David's work here. "Uglydolls"

Let me share with you notes which I have taken:

Taking the same path as some one else did, results in getting close but never where you want to end up.

Ignoring those paths and making up your own route leads you to where you really belong, wherever may it be.

Your thoughts absolutely determines your reality. How you generally feel inside and what thoughts you generally carry in your head is what’s going to keep coming at you. [Read more…]

Well invested time in January 2010

First month of 2010 was also spiced up with 4 amazing books, which I was blessed by reading them. There were  two “story pieces” and two, I would call them “wisdom pieces.” [Read more…]

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