How You Can Learn to Recognize Artists Around You?

Hiya SCG,

shipping emotional labor is pretty surreal term for majority of the people. Not a long time ago, I was not able to recognize doer/shipper from talker/pretender as well. Headhunters, HR departments cannot see what you have shipped and how emotionally you have labored through lines of your CV. Same it might be with your colleagues and bosses, when they wonder: “What’s her problem? Why is she not getting it done according that template, we have always used for many of our clients? Why does she bother to create new ppt. when that manual is already written in a word document? Why is she creating new slides for every speech she goes to, is it not less stressful to talk about slides from the last year, which she knows already by heart?”

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[Video] About Reading Books

Guys, do you think that cliché : “Reading books  is boring and old fashioned”, is true?

Hmmm?;-) Let me do  my bit to turn around your perception. Let me know if I have succeeded?

Selection of  Lessons Learned, from Ken’s book ELEMENT

I have enjoyed to “know”  Debbie Allen and her page. I have tweeted her  famous quote:

You want fame. Well, fame costs. Right here is where you start to pay in sweat.

I have downloaded and listened to 2 amazing music albums:

  • Traveling Wilburys – their album was happy accidental meeting….As I always say: “There ain’t any coincidences in life.”
  • Miles Davis – Kind of Blue

I had a great experience by watching Black Ice poems on Youtube. WATCH HIM, TOO! He has loads to say.

I laughed out loud at Billy Connolly and his comedian bliss, again on Youtube.

Ladies, did you know that we can thank to hairstylist Vidal Sassoon for our blow dries?;-) Me neither, now I know.

Thanks to Ken I have got “introduced” to Arianna from Huffington Post. If you don’t use RSS, you can follow updates on Facebook too, just become fan, here.

I have watched inspiring words of  Marian Wright Edelman about Child Poverty in America, on Youtube.

And much more.

It is all up to you, what experiences you are looking for, when you read a book;-) This was mine.

Have a super cool week ahead.


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