3 Lessons Learned During 3 Years of #IS Blog.

Hi hi hi my dear SCG,

believe it or not, on 17th September 2012  this blog reached another milestone on its journey. Three years ago was the first time I have posted a blog post in this digital space. Naive,   enthusiastic , fearless, driven,  a bit “I know it all”,   “let me save the world” Ivana  posted a video about quitting my job and with title “End, which got me to begin.” Indeed in 2009, closed a door on security, on predictability, on the beaten path of a 9 to 5 job  walked by too many before me.  I have jumped with a bliss of  ignorant  beginner into the world where those who really do the work  meet,  create and collaborate. I have learned how little I know about myself , about human nature and about the world out there.  It is three  years since I set out on the most exciting and difficult  times of my journey in this world.    I am insanely grateful for all  of you who crossed my path and who still walk beside me. Here are three main lessons, which  could wrap up   each year with Inspiring Shipments, NGLS and myself.  

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She is the one, whose love is the purest.

She is the one, who cares the most.

She is the one, who hears words in silence. [Read more…]

Please meet SCG Vol.5 + Call to Action: #ISlunch

Hello SCG,

believe it or not, today we have crossed another milestone in #IS history. I has been two and half years ago, when I have blogged here for the first time. It has been an incredible ride and I would like to thank everyone who was on it with me. There are 68 new peeps in our SCG, who left comment on #IS and engaged in conversation. Are you among SCG-ers? Congrats! Not yet? It is easy, just talk to us and share your thoughts in comments. Curious who is in SCG? Jump right on SCG Vol. 5 slide-deck, which was composed with generous help of #IS readers: @SidraQasim and @FranzMilec. Those who truly care, check link with my call to action for upcoming 7 days: #ISlunch.

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Tribute To My Best Friend

Hello SCG,

I apologize for low frequency of shipping (at blogging end) in 2012, but maybe less is more in this case as well. Today, I have decided to introduce you my best friend. She made me who I am in many aspects. Many thoughts and blog posts were inspired by her invisible presence and inspiration. (which I could see only when looking back) Yeah, it took me sometime to be able to put down in words what she is to me…but the time is now to give a deep bow to the best friend of mine. It might inspire you to thank your best friend, too. [Note: this is ain’t any business blog post and if you don’t like emotional read don’t bother to click on continue reading] [Read more…]

About Power of One Re-Tweet or How I met ____

Hello SCG,

greetings from Dubai. Last night I took another leap of faith, I followed my heart, I hopped on a plane and thanks to that -> another life-transforming miracle took place on my journey. What miracle? (again?!) Why did I bother to come over to U.A.E.? Carry on reading -> this shipment is  an example/true story for you that, ordinary can meet, talk and inspire extraordinary. Trust me, you can! [Read more…]

Thank you, Steve Jobs. R.I.P.

Thank you Steve Jobs for changing our world. Thank you for having guts to create unseen. Thank you for never settling down. Thank you for your unforgettable Standford speech, which I know by heart.  Thank you for teaching the world, what does it mean to be different. Thank you for teaching us importance of connecting the dots. Thank you for  building a tribe of true fans around piece of art, which you have created.

Steve, you are indispensable and you will be greatly missed.

Thank you for being a crazy one…

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Let’s kick off 3rd Year for #IS with gratitude list.

Hello SCG,

whoa! I am still in awe, that we have crossed a pretty decent milestone together. Two years of shipping and sharing my story with you were the most transforming years of my life. You have no idea, how touched I am by you sticking around. I know, that there are many bloggers out there, who are writing for more than a decade, but I also know that there are very few bloggers in my part of the world, who are blogging, using social media and believing in its power as I do. I would not be able to make it without your support, guys. Thank you for that! I am often asked, what got me started? What inspired me to get onto such different path? Let me share with you list of people who got me where I am. Enjoy #IS’s Gratitude List.

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#IS will be Two Years old. Join our celebrations this Sunday.

Hiya SCG,

first of all -> I missed you!

Secondly, I am back on shipping track after let’s say quieter end of summer 2011 in terms of blogging but certainly not in terms of events and lessons learned from it. Grateful, humble, alive and fully present, I would like to invite you for #IS birthday party. Everyone who lives near capital city of Slovakia – Bratislava is needed to join us. There are no restrictions whatsoever for overseas folks to hop on plane, too;-)

To sign up, check out for details at just created event on IS’s Facebook page.


I so cannot wait to see you in person my lovely friends.


Inspiring Colors of Slovak Summer Twenty Eleven

Hiya SCG,

today I have decided to share with you snaps, which I was inspired to take few moments ago. After pretty rainy days I grabbed a chance and took some picture of the closest surrounding of #IS’s headquarters;-) None of it (except pictures) is my work -> my hat tips go to my parents and bro Tom for years of sweat put into grooming of our garden. Enjoy! [Read more…]

#IS Would Not Exist Without This Man

Dear Dad,

I would like to thank you for exemplifying what does it mean to be & to have a family.

Thank you for believing in me. Without you #IS would never become what it is now.

Happy birthday, Dad!

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