Let’s kick off 3rd Year for #IS with gratitude list.

Hello SCG,

whoa! I am still in awe, that we have crossed a pretty decent milestone together. Two years of shipping and sharing my story with you were the most transforming years of my life. You have no idea, how touched I am by you sticking around. I know, that there are many bloggers out there, who are writing for more than a decade, but I also know that there are very few bloggers in my part of the world, who are blogging, using social media and believing in its power as I do. I would not be able to make it without your support, guys. Thank you for that! I am often asked, what got me started? What inspired me to get onto such different path? Let me share with you list of people who got me where I am. Enjoy #IS’s Gratitude List.

Those reading #IS for longer time are familiar with my story and with the fact that for last 2 years sinceI quit my job,  I have been voluntarily working for free, I have been investing own time and money I saved into educating myself and then sharing lessons learned with the world, I have been creating impact and I have built credibility in what I do through connections with the world’s top doers and thought leaders. I have built two tribes (NGLS and SCG) and I have led initiatives which no one else did before me, I have been failing, standing up and nevertheless I have written my own one and only story in book written in powerpoint called 24 Lessons.

None of the above, I would be able to make alone -> so today I took a chance again to thank those remarkable people again.

View it on Slideshare.

Note: those of you, who have read 24 Lessons are familiar with this list (sorry for duplicity),but I still believe that these people deserve one more separate post for the fact how they impacted me.


who were the people who impacted you the most on your journey? Share with us your teachers, your sources of inspiration, so we all can learn from each other.

Back at you now.


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