#IS’s first [pptook] “#24Lessons” is out!

Hey SCG,

so the time is NOW;-) it is 8th of August and I have shipped for you 88 pages, which might inspire you to a make difference, too. I will not be pro-longing your waiting with more words -> to find out about this ‘secret’ shipment, which I have been working on for…let’s say for a very long time.


P.S. : if you want to own your own pdf. copy of #24lessons, I will send it to you at your request ->after one week on slideshare and more than 6000 hits I have decided to take 24 lessons down -> it is more fun, when I know who is eager to read my story -> so   just inbox me at: ivana (at) ivanasendecka (dot) com


  1. ondrej tomasek says:

    Štěpka děkuje Darině !


  2. fantaaaaaaaastic!

    You are really transforming things.


  3. Congrats Ivana
    This is a breath of fresh air. I think my Monday morning just got started on the right foot. 🙂

  4. I like the exclusivity, focus,. and differentiation strategy.

  5. AWESOME! Thank you for this presentation, as I havnt known you when you started your journey and now I finally understand lot of things and admire what you have achieved even more! And this presentation is a great motivation too 🙂

  6. supisko ivanka! sitting in Echair with a happy smile of how you have truly transformed from that 2005 Dubai-hooka-loving individual with thirst for curiosity to a 2011 well grounded international young professional that is walking in “2.0 3D instant nightwish energy space ” …. :)) just very Irene!

    • Hey Didus,
      I am smiling and having wet eyes after reading your comment…
      Yeah, it was quite a journey and transformation from Ivana in 2005.
      I am still curious and yet very humble, waiting for what has life in store for me next.
      HUGS my friend!

  7. Kola Dada says:

    It will be a great previlege to learn from you


  1. […] Those reading #IS for longer time are familiar with my story and with the fact that for last 2 years sinceI quit my job,  I have been voluntarily working for free, I have been investing own time and money I saved into educating myself and then sharing lessons learned with the world, I have been creating impact and I have built credibility in what I do through connections with the world’s top doers and thought leaders. I have built two tribes (NGLS and SCG) and I have led initiatives which no one else did before me, I have been failing, standing up and nevertheless I have written my own one and only story in book written in powerpoint called 24 Lessons. […]

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