7 Things You Need to Know About Building A Movement

Hey SCG,

Let me tell you a secret: “I have been getting ready to write this post for almost 3 years…” I somehow feel in my gut that times which are approaching will give human race loads of space to reconsider how we worked, who we worked with and what impact we have created in this world. Maybe, just maybe we will start to appreciate art of digital nomads (again) and we will be making our world a better place also by being part of movements, which we care about instead of being part of purposeless mass. Even tough it will be  hard  times for nomads (thanks for insights Stiivi)  and for everyone else, it will certainly be interesting era of human history.

Guys, I am glad that today I can share with you what I have learned on my own skin within last 31 months… No fluff or definitions just eight paragraphs summing up what it takes to build a movement(s). [Read more…]

The One & Only Question You Better Know Your Answer(s) For

Hey SCG,

greetings from my remote shipping office  (not my parent’s house anymore, but now it is one public place), which means there are possibilities to interact with other people, too -> which is great for me and you as well -> how come? It is thanks to  a chance confront opinions with other folks and then getting food for thought.

Today was one of those days, when I have articulated one very important lesson for everyone who truly want to do stuff and make things happen -> so, if you are a doer, (no, you don’t need to own iPad or Ray Ban shades for that!) -> I want you to work on getting kick ass answers for this question…. [Read more…]

#IS’s first [pptook] “#24Lessons” is out!

Hey SCG,

so the time is NOW;-) it is 8th of August and I have shipped for you 88 pages, which might inspire you to a make difference, too. I will not be pro-longing your waiting with more words -> to find out about this ‘secret’ shipment, which I have been working on for…let’s say for a very long time.

Enjoy! [Read more…]

[Reviews of Books] Read by #IS during May 2011

Hello SCG,

5th month of 2011 was packed with mind altering titles. Ken Wilber briefly explained me “history of everything”, friend 2.0 Bruna Martinuzzi generously shed bright light on what does it mean to be leader as a Mensch. I have ‘spent’ life with Zen master Shunryu Suzuki and never the last – I was dragged into one boy’s story – child soldier’s story in west Africa. Curious to know more? Read on! [Read more…]

About Time Travel & Our Interconnected World

Greetings from Dubai SCG.

last night (8th June) I have experienced yet another life changing moments. But before I will start, let me give me double thank you credit for making this shipment happen to my friend Amir Anzur – dean of Webpreneur University -> Firstly for posting update on his Facebook page on which I have instantly acted upon. Secondly for using a metaphor about time traveling in his talk. What time travel and interconnectedness am I talking about? Read on.

[Read more…]

[Video] Revealing One & Only Success in Public Speaking

Hello SCG,

yay, I am so excited to be back with video blog & in the same time, I am feeling bit scare & also much bigger responsibility towards you ->  cause numbers of readers, subscribers, SCG-ers are rising every single day, but that how it goes, right? -> when you ship art, you are intentionally & voluntarily making yourself vulnerable to the judgements of the world. So, here I am with the latest vlog, which will reveal to you one & only secret to success for your public speaking gig. ->  I came up with, after 20+ public speaking gigs I had within last 22 months. So, here we go! [Read more…]

Do ______ & Your Team Will Always Win

Hello SCG,

today’s shipment will be accompanied with a personal story, which has happened to me almost 18 years ago. (Whoah! Is it already 18 years?!) Once upon a time in May 1993, when I was at the start of my basketball career -> our team was taking part at our first big international tournament in Krakow – Poland. Apart from the fact, that we have made it all the way to the finals (out of 24 teams) – I did not know, that already at the age of 11,  I was about to receive one of the most important lesson on leadership in my life. [Read more…]

Why Having “NOT To-Do List” Can Save You (Time)?

Hello SCG,

I trust you had a very pleasant Easter break & you are charged up for shipping your art. Today’s shipment is  a follow-up on the most recent Question Of The Week, where you were asked about your “NOT to – d0 list. You might have noticed, that I have given you a slight clue, that there is a story behind this question. Therefore, I want to share with you one true story connected with this theme & I will tell you reason, why knowing your “dont’s” can save you loads of time, when in doubt. Plus as a bonus I will share with you current 5 items on my own NOT to-do list. Cheers! [Read more…]

[Updated] 27 Video Collection of Seth Godin’s Talks

Hey SCG,

let me serve you a special video shipment, dedicated to a man who has inspired me, continuously inspires me & I bet that, he will carry on inspiring me on my journey. Yeah, you know him, too. I am talking about the Seth Godin. If you were too busy to read any of his books [he wrote 13 of them!]  or following daily doses of Seth’s blog & you are not very familiar with his art (yet!) -> Now is your chance to catch up with Seth (or consider this as refresh on his philosophy you already know about).  I suspect, that after watching following 10 videos of Seth, you might will be in the picture and on the same page with those us who ship, have guts to challenge a status quo and draw maps instead of following them.  Enjoy! [Read more…]

Welcome 2011 & Super Cool Gang Vol. 4

Hiya SCG!

I am excited to start new year 2011 with a warm welcome to Super Cool Gang Vol.4! I trust you had a great holidays and you are charged up to ship your art, which makes difference,too.

Guys, let’s meet 4th batch of readers who left comment on #IS !

[Read more…]

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