Question Of the Week #16

Hey SCG,

let’s us get back on #IS track with Question Of The Week series as well. This #QOW was inspired by one true story from my consulting times, but about it later. Now, I am curious to know:

Do You Have NOT To-Do List?


do you keep any “not to do list” for yourself? If yes, what activities, situations, places or perhaps people are you consciously avoiding?

If you don’t have any “forbidden things to-do list”, why so? 😉

Over to you now. See you in comments.



  1. When I was like 15 I’ve made a promise with myself, that I will never ever have a boss. That I will always be self-employed.

  2. Something similar as Martin – never become a (regular) employee… I worked only once and it last for a week (instead of two weeks, I quit after 5 days :)).

  3. If I would have “not to-do list”, there would be “don’t procrastinate” 😀

  4. Hi Ivana & SCG,

    When I was 16 I made a promise to myself that I’ll never stop reading and learning. 😉

  5. And Mine, “never stop dreaming”

  6. my not-to-do-list, I never ever:
    1) lie to myself
    2) eat meat except fish (im pescovegetarian)
    3) buy TV (i dont watch it except when I cant run away from it in doctors waiting room etc)
    4) judge someone I dont personally know (I try not to judge people at all, but its hard not to judge your close family or friends when you know they doing something wrong, but Im working on it 🙂
    5) beg for something
    6) pick up phone while eating or doing other things other people wouldnt like to know (I amazed sometimes on what places and in which situations ppl pick up their phones!)
    7) do drugs, except coffee and shisha:)
    8) forget people who helped me and supported me
    9) give other people gifts I got from someone else
    10) leave someone angry without saying goodbye or something, as I never know it might be the last time we see each other and if something happens, I dont want the last memory of someone or of myself to be bad

  7. sharmeen rafique says:

    I will never ever
    1. dwell on past bad memories.
    2. run after grades

  8. I have descided
    1. When I am 20, Not to do anything by other’s advice, I will consider them but at last descisions are made by me; so that I can be sure of that whatever results comes, it is because of me and not by any of my friends, relatives or others.
    2. When I am 27, Not to do Smoking and Drink Alcahol .
    4. When I am 29, Not to Watch TV a lot.
    5. When I am 30, Not to loose much time for News[mainly politics]

    • Hello Jasmir!!
      Thank you for your premiere comment on #IS -> welcome to SCG.
      Wow, that is pretty impressive not to do list & I must say that all of your NOT to dos are the same as mine.

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