What is your Stone Letter?

:: Stone Letter ::

In the ancient times,

before humans invented writing.

They searched for the stone that,

resembled their feelings

and gave it to another person.

The person who received the stone,

read the other person’s feelings by the weight and texture of the stone.

For exampleSmooth texture symbolizes peaceful mind,rough texture symbolizes a concerns for other.

What would your stone – letter be like? Who would you give it to? What weight and texture would it have?

This post was inspired by the movie Departures, which I have just finished watching and it has got honorable place on my must-watch movies list.

Have a super cool weekend guys and ALWAYS express your feelings even without stones.




  1. It’ so cute story 😉 By the way, I have one stone, which absolutely contains my personal charakteristics. Hmmmm but at first, I should find it, because it’s 5 years old.

    PS: I will try taking a picture and post on my blog…;-)

  2. Ivana Sendecka says:

    😉 I am glad you liked it;-) Yes, please share your stone-letter with us. I will be watching your blog for new posts;-)

  3. I found a beautiful little stone while hiking in the mountains of Montana last summer. I think it may be granite. It is mostly off while with some gray and black specs in it. There is some also some light yellow discoloration that may be from exposure to the elements. The stone has smooth round edges on one side and more abrupt pointed edges on the other side. The most important thing is that it appears to have very small gold flakes inside. As I hold this little stone, I think of my little girl. Actually, daughter is not so little anymore. She will be 30 next spring. She is all grown up and off in the world making a big splash. I think of her as the holidays approach and wish we were not astranged. She no longer needs me to watch out for her, but alas I need her, just to be in my life.

    I ramble on, but the reason I posted this reply is that I would like to send this stone to her, but I doubt that she would understand the significance of the gesture. How do I tell her that I love her for her sharp edges as well as her multicolored personality? How do I let her know that the gold in the stone symbolizes my heart of gold for our family?

    She is a genius with a highly complex personality. She is a programmer and has a broad presence on the internet. All one needs do is google tr67 for Missoula, MT.

    I apologize if I have wasted you time; I just want my family reunited and my little stone says a lot about my feelings.

    Thanks in advance, Ken

  4. Thank you for posting this, it is absolutely beautiful. This scene stuck in mind from “Departures” and I was eagerly searching for it this morning. With your post I found “Stone Letter” and could replay the clip on You Tube.

    I plan on using this as a leadership lesson with my students. When I was young I was stationed in Germany and had guard duty in Germany during the disassembling of the Berlin Wall. I have pieces of the wall and items from that time in a box. When I hold them I feel the story of people reuniting and coming together after a history of separation.

    I also have stones from the top of the Eagle’s Nest where I visited. The stones hold a cold and evil feeling. I know only my heart can tell these stone stories. The dark contrast of the two.

    I plan on sharing this with my students and hope now that they will share their “stone stories” with me.

  5. Oscar Thipphakhinkeo says:

    One day I came across this movie and it was just AMAZING. I decided to give stone letters as gifts now. Even though my family calls me crazy. I also gave my girlfriend one because I was leaving her for a year and I didn’t want her to forget me…

  6. Perhaps elaborating on this story would lead to it becoming better known.
    I couldn’t find much information on the concept of stone letters and different types.

    Would size, shape, weight, colour and texture be the main concerns? And what would each mean?


    • Hi Phi,
      you are very right. This story deserves to be explored much more. This blog post was inspired by the movie Departures and I simply liked the concept of Stone Letter. If you have any more sources on the topic, please share it with us.

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