One Movie to Watch This Easter Break

Hello SGC,

if there would be one movie I would recommend you to watch this year’s Easter break ->it would be a movie, which I came across thanks to Olivier Blanchard (@thebrandbuilder) and his Facebook update some time back. Simply amazing piece. It’s based on true story. It’s about two human beings and their relationship. It’s funny and sad. It’s so human… It’s simply a must watch.

If you can grab The Intouchables movie, do it. Let us know how did you like it.

I will not be writing more for next few days. Simply enjoy your Easter break with your loved ones..

– is

P.S.: Here is what I am cooking while I am not here -> 17 days to go till 3rd NGLS Conference

Happy Birthday Robert F. Kennedy


this shipment is totally spontaneous and unplanned. I have just finished watching a documentary A Ripple Of Hope, which I have bumped into yesterday by total coincidence. Movie has finished only moments ago and my eyes are still wet, while typing this…More over I have found out, that today is RFK‘s birthday…So, I could not ask for more signs from universe, that it is right time to ship.

I would like to dedicate this emergency shipment to all courageous people with big loving hearts.  Super Cool Gang-ers please watch this movie! [Read more…]

Don’t Get Fooled by Price Tags On Art In the Age of Commerce


in previous shipment we have talked (especially your thoughts in comments were amazing!) about importance of art and unique creative work in our world. You made me truly think more deeply about this essential topic. I have connected dots from past months about changes in perception and value of the art in the age of commerce, we happen to live in now. Guys, I want you to form your own opinion and make your own judgment. Let me bring into your attention commercially not very well known sources, which were collected for you in past few months and now it made sense to ship them.

Note: If you truly want to grasp the message from this shipment (=blog post), please click through attached links and watch those movies! (or watch at least their trailers, if you are that busy…) 😉

[Read more…]

You Too Can “Shine A Light”!

Hiya SCG,

I am glad to be back into shipping mode after being on an extra learning ride. Today, I would like to reflect on very valuable lessons from a must watch movie, which blew me away two days ago;

Shine A Light

Movie about legendary rock band The Rolling Stones and their epic – lifelong quest directed by the Martin Scorsese.

So, what can one learn from this at first sight – ordinary movie made  from one rock concert? [Read more…]

Quote For Your Wall (#1)

Dear SGG,

let me introduce you to new series in “IS”= Inspiring Shipments. It is called Quote For Your Wall.  I will feature quotes, which are stuck on the wall in my room. First quote is from must watch movie The Great Debaters. Huge thanks goes to @ellynka for recommending me this movie. [Read more…]

What is your Stone Letter?

:: Stone Letter ::

In the ancient times,

before humans invented writing.

They searched for the stone that,

resembled their feelings

and gave it to another person.

The person who received the stone,

read the other person’s feelings by the weight and texture of the stone.

For exampleSmooth texture symbolizes peaceful mind,rough texture symbolizes a concerns for other.

What would your stone – letter be like? Who would you give it to? What weight and texture would it have?

This post was inspired by the movie Departures, which I have just finished watching and it has got honorable place on my must-watch movies list.

Have a super cool weekend guys and ALWAYS express your feelings even without stones.



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