Have a Fascinating XMas 2010

Hello SCG,

have a joyful time with your loved ones and be sure, that you will create fascinating times mainly by your presence not only by presents!😉

Enjoy freshly made for you>>> xmas_card from #IS.


Don’t Get Fooled by Price Tags On Art In the Age of Commerce


in previous shipment we have talked (especially your thoughts in comments were amazing!) about importance of art and unique creative work in our world. You made me truly think more deeply about this essential topic. I have connected dots from past months about changes in perception and value of the art in the age of commerce, we happen to live in now. Guys, I want you to form your own opinion and make your own judgment. Let me bring into your attention commercially not very well known sources, which were collected for you in past few months and now it made sense to ship them.

Note: If you truly want to grasp the message from this shipment (=blog post), please click through attached links and watch those movies! (or watch at least their trailers, if you are that busy…) 😉

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Question Of The Week #25

Hello SCG, today I would like to hear your take on:

What would you do,if you would find out that those you are trying to help, DO NOT want to be helped?


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