Question Of the Week #22

Hey SCG,

I guess it is time to get back on track with Question Of the Week series, isn’t it?;-) This time I am curious to know:

If your house/room/flat/cave/tent -> simply place where you stay, is burning (God forbid!) what would you take with you from it?


have you ever thought about what belongings you could not imagine to lose? What is so precious for you, that you would definitely save it from destruction? A laptop? Mobile? Old love letters? Teddy bear? ;=)

See you in comments!


P.S.: Picture credit goes to Dunechaser.


  1. Hi Ivana, happy to see the QOW back on track 😉

    To answer your question, of course number one would be my loved people.
    But one THING I would definitely save would be my external hard-drive. It contains 6 years of photos, work-materials, thoughts and unfinished ideas of mine. Thinking about it now, I guess I should take better care of it and maybe even get a new one and backup the backup 😉 Or I put it in the cloud…

    Anyways, I know, things are not that important, but having the chance to save one from my burning house, I would take the hard-drive.

    Have a blast week guys!

  2. Tomas Kuracina says:

    Heh..I’ve read the question..take a short look-around in my little room and was like..”this and that, and this and this and that.. ” 😀 Real hard deal..I’m thinking about not what would I take, but about buying some anti-fire security device 🙂
    After practical thinking about it, it would be laptop + external harddrive and other words the internet connection and important files and contacts 😉
    Now I better understand why rich people use safe and bank vaults.

  3. Peter Csik says:

    …nobody knows:P

  4. I would take the devices containing the important data for me. Also, I’d take Pavol Demitra’s St.Louis Blues jersey. 🙂

    Anyway, good question to have myself take a little break and think about what the important things I have at home and how to protect/back up them. I haven’t done such an exercise before despite it’s pretty important to be ready for emergency situations so one is not surprised and depressed of consequences.

    • Ahoj Radko,
      thanks for sharing your important stuff with us.
      Yeah, it is always great when something makes you think;-)

      however as Peter Csik said above, nobody knows how would we react in such emergency anyhow, because human reaction can be very unpredictable especially in dangerous situations;-)

  5. Andrea says:

    Hey hey :),

    I would definitely grab my passport ‘cos it gives me the freedom to travel and explore the world, hardrive with all the pics + iPad (good memories, ideas and being able to reconnect)and my stamp collection (been collecting it since I can recall)
    Have a nice evening

    • Hey Adka!
      I can sense a geek girl there;-) => when HDD and tablet are on your rescue list;-) cool!
      I like the part with stamp collection, too! Sweet.

  6. Jozef Maudry says:

    I would take Enzo 😉

  7. My notepads, over the last two years, I’ve written excellent intakes from my readings and learning over there. Rest lies in clouds. 😉

    • Yay!!!!! Waqas, Waqas same with me -> hand written notepads, where I made notes from books + my journals -> those are my treasures!
      What a similarity in us…

  8. Hmmm, may loved partner, cat and dog.

    In case of material things. I would take all photos and postcards we have stuck in the back of front door. These are our memories from our life events and farewells from our friends who loved us.

    Each piece is attached to specific fragment of our relationship. It always shows us that there is always something worth to live.

  9. I’d take a photo album with pictures of me and my Ivka documenting us since the beginning of our relationship and my bonsai (I’ve killed so many of them and I’ve decided that this one will survive at any costs 😀 )

  10. I’d want to save the things that are essential parts of “the system” (if I don’t have them, superpowers could be compromised 🙂


    1. wife
    2. cats
    3. laptop
    4. (if still unrisky) iphone

    • Yay, Seb what a cool “rescue list” 😉
      You should send link of your comment to your wife!
      But I guess, she knows how blessed she is without this “affirmation”
      Keep on rocking & shipping!

  11. Uhmmmmmm !!! ill take nothing, just make sure my loved ones are safe thats it. anything els will be replaced easily 🙂

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