[#IS As Guest] Interview for Biz Mommy blog by Tisha Berg

Hello SCG,

month of June is over all the most exciting month of my blogging life. I am incredibly grateful to my friend Tisha Berg , who is running super cool blog Biz Mommy for giving me a gift; for introducing Inspiring Shipments and me to her world


featuring me as Biz Mommy of the Week.

SCG-ers, check it out and I encourage you to stick around Tisha’s blog, she is having wonderful community around her virtual home, too.

Peace out!




  1. Nice interview!
    Since you work with schools, I got thinking. Just wanted to ask if you know about what Monika Hardy, who is a innovative math teacher at thomson valley high school US and a member of triiibes is doing with kids. Some very interesting projects are being created by her students.

    She is sort of showcasing variety of ways of using collaboration in classes. I think you will find these interesting. Check out her video on talk-ed side. I also did make a few math presentations for the students (which you can find at the bottom of the page on wetpaint link).

    Have a look and let me know if it triggers some ideas.

    Check her links:

  2. Ivana – thank you for sharing some of your wonderful insights with the Biz Mommy community; You’re a great friend and I loved having a bit of your infectious “SCG” energy over at my place! 🙂
    xo, Tisha

  3. Sidra Qasim says:

    Salam Ivana,
    Superb interview, these are the things i really wanted to know about you.
    Truly super cool. I am feeling much stronger and confident each day after reading your continuous shipments. Thumbs up to you and Tisha as well :-).
    Have a great time.

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