[Guest] Jim Kouzes exclusively for “SCG” on just-published book The Truth About Leadership

Dear SCG,

I am so honored, that I have a privilege to “ship” this blog post for YOU! After one year of giving my all (literally) to what I believe in, the greatest payback ever took place via “sneeze” by THE Jim Kouzes.

Jim’s limitless generosity was exemplified (again!) by replying to my email, in which I have asked him: “Jim, could you answer 5 questions about your new book for readers of my blog, so we can spread the word around?”

Jim responded instantly: I would be delighted to respond to your 5 questions.

SCG,  please welcome Jim Kouzes, who will tell us more about new book co-authored with Barry Posner (“meet” Barry on picture above).

The Truth About Leadeship

Enjoy the Truth!

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[#IS As Guest] Interview for Biz Mommy blog by Tisha Berg

Hello SCG,

month of June is over all the most exciting month of my blogging life. I am incredibly grateful to my friend Tisha Berg , who is running super cool blog Biz Mommy for giving me a gift; for introducing Inspiring Shipments and me to her world


featuring me as Biz Mommy of the Week.

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Thank you @Ultraspectra for…

Super Cool Gang-er ZunNurian asked me few questions about my blogging journey. Thank you for your trust, Zun.


Check out the blog post and grab pdf. file with whole interview right here.

Well done, Zun! I wish you all the success and glory in blogosphere, which you certainly deserve.

Have a super cool day SCG,



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