3 Lessons Learned During 3 Years of #IS Blog.

Hi hi hi my dear SCG,

believe it or not, on 17th September 2012  this blog reached another milestone on its journey. Three years ago was the first time I have posted a blog post in this digital space. Naive,   enthusiastic , fearless, driven,  a bit “I know it all”,   “let me save the world” Ivana  posted a video about quitting my job and with title “End, which got me to begin.” Indeed in 2009, closed a door on security, on predictability, on the beaten path of a 9 to 5 job  walked by too many before me.  I have jumped with a bliss of  ignorant  beginner into the world where those who really do the work  meet,  create and collaborate. I have learned how little I know about myself , about human nature and about the world out there.  It is three  years since I set out on the most exciting and difficult  times of my journey in this world.    I am insanely grateful for all  of you who crossed my path and who still walk beside me. Here are three main lessons, which  could wrap up   each year with Inspiring Shipments, NGLS and myself.  

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I (Heart) You, Mum Today & Everyday.

Today’s shipment is dedicated to my one & only Mama -> but SCG, you can read it, too 😉 [Read more…]

About A Day When I Asked My Dad to Write A Blog

Ehm, hello SCG!

yeap, it is me! I am back & alive! 😉 You might have been wondering where did I & my shipping disappeared. Many of you sent me emails, reached out by SMS, called me, sent Facebook messages to my brother, left posts on my Facebook wall, some of you did not even hesitate to make a long distance calls to find out what has happened to me. Thank you for that! (you know, who did so) You have no idea what it means to me, that you have noticed/felt my absence & cared about my whereabouts. So, where have I been since 13th March? All right, grab your seat, shut down all the noise around you, because you are about to read (so far) the most personal shipment on #IS… Ready?

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Do You Have Your Gratitude List?

1st Gratitude List from 24/06/2008


I would like to share with you another eye- opening story which has happened 2 years and 5 months ago.  It was June 2008, shortly after my birthday & I was kicking off my consulting career, when I was full time on a project. I was sitting in my hotel room after a day at client’s site.  I did not have a clue that upcoming brief chat with my online friend from Iceland  will drastically transform  my outlook on life. Our instant messaging chat went on something like this: [Read more…]

Walking In Woking Took My Breath Away

Hiya SCG,

greetings from London – Woking. Yeah, I am still in U.K. as I have managed to miss plane back to Slovakia?! (it has never happened to me before, ever…) But because I do believe, that everything in life happens for a reason, I did not freak out but I remained present with here and now mindset. Today’s exploration walk convinced me (apart from other events) that pro-longing my stay was a good thing. Let me share with you some of the pictures, which I have witnessed during my magical walk. [Read more…]

Emmanuel Gobillot:”I Need Ivana To Succeed and So Do You”

I.S. with Emmanuel Gobillot


yesterday I have experienced yet another miracle of my life, when I have got a privilege to personally meet Emmanuel Gobillot. Emmanuel has inspired me more than one year ago, when I have “met” him for the 1st time via his talk on Youtube at Google. Few hours after our yesterday’s meeting, I have lost words (see my tweet) from an email, which hit my inbox, in which Emmanuel asked me to post it on Inspiring Shipments, so I am doing so, now:

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Read Only If You Care About Inspiring Shipments + [Video]


thank you for your patience! I trust your waiting will be rewarded. Following slides are for YOU! This is the best way how I could express how much your presence means to me:

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[Video] How To Transform Your “Nay-Sayers” Your Into Helpers


Yay, I am so glad to be back in moving pictures!Let me share with you today:

3 Ways you must can chose to follow, If you want to turn your “discouragers” into your helpers! 😉

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[Guest] Jim Kouzes exclusively for “SCG” on just-published book The Truth About Leadership

Dear SCG,

I am so honored, that I have a privilege to “ship” this blog post for YOU! After one year of giving my all (literally) to what I believe in, the greatest payback ever took place via “sneeze” by THE Jim Kouzes.

Jim’s limitless generosity was exemplified (again!) by replying to my email, in which I have asked him: “Jim, could you answer 5 questions about your new book for readers of my blog, so we can spread the word around?”

Jim responded instantly: I would be delighted to respond to your 5 questions.

SCG,  please welcome Jim Kouzes, who will tell us more about new book co-authored with Barry Posner (“meet” Barry on picture above).

The Truth About Leadeship

Enjoy the Truth!

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Happy Birthday, Mohammad Ghorbani!

Happy Birthday, to YOU - Mohammad!

Dear Mohammad, let me wish you to have a super cool Birhtday!

You have changed me and my life, your family made my dream come true and all of you made a better person.

I believe this is just a beginning of our life-long friendship. Thank you for everything! Have a great blast today!;-)

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